Assessment Based on the Curriculum

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CBA or Curriculum Based Assessment is assessment that is related to both IEP goals and the curriculum.  Use of a Curriculum Based Assessment is a great way to provide evidence of whether the student with a disability is at or below his or her grade level.  Ideally, the goal is for our students to engage the general education curriculum:  a CBA provides evidence of whether this is reasonable or not.

At the same time Curriculum Based Assessments can provide evidence of the grade level work the student can do, by providing feedback on their performance on material from that earlier grade. 

Sometimes, CBA can be assessments that come directly from the curriculum, such as chapter tests. Many publishers are even providing differentiated assessments or adapted assessments for children with disabilities which are well suited to their differences. Check you text books.  Check also with your publisher's website.  Often sets of differentiated assessments can be purchased to accompany the texts. 

Remember, when reporting student results from their CBA if you are using an adapted assessment.  If an assessment has shorter selections, fewer problems to solve or provides pictures for non-literacy assessments (such as social studies or science) then they are truly adapted assessments.  If the math or the questions are significantly easier than those given to the general education students, we would say that these are not Adapted, but Modified Assessments, and that should be noted on any reports.

  It is unfair to both the student and future (general education) teachers to give a percentage as an accuracy rate on a

Web Based Curriculum Resources

At other times, teacher look for web based math or reading materials to create their curriculum based assessments, especially for math IEP goals.  Some Web Based services I find helpful: 


Reading A-Z

Enchanted Learning

The Math Worksheet Site

Money Instructor

The first three require a paid subscription, the last two have some really valuable worksheet generators in their free area that will give you some control over the worksheets you generate, whether counting coins of a single or only two denomination (Money Instructor) or adding numbers that will not require regrouping.

The other great thing about generating your own CBA is that with a pair of scissors, or the generator engine, you can limit your items to ten each, which makes figuring out you percentages a breeze.  You can also generate ten items for fractions, perhaps while also generating ten missing integer problems, and do a weeks IEP progress monitoring with CBA's at one sitting! 

Also Known As: Curriculum Based Evaluation

Examples: When assessing Marty's math IEP goals, Ms. Miller creates Curriculum Based Assessments by generating 20 two digit mixed addition problems, with and without regrouping, using one of her favorite worksheet web sites.