What Do Atheists Say About Religion & Christianity? Are Atheists Anti-Religion?

Is Atheism a Religion?

Many Christians seem to believe that atheism is a religion, but no one with a fair understanding of both concepts would make such a mistake. The truth is that atheism lacks every one of the characteristics of religion. At most, atheism doesn’t explicitly exclude most of them, but the same can be said for almost anything. Thus, it’s not possible to call atheism a religion. It can be part of a religion, but it can’t be a religion by itself.

They are completely different categories: atheism is the absence of one particular belief while religion is a complex web of traditions and beliefs. Atheism Is Not a Religion...

Are Atheists Anti-Christian?

Although this is by no means true of all atheists or atheism itself, there is some validity behind the perception that atheists are anti-Christian and it should be taken seriously. There is no ignoring the fact that many atheist web sites and atheist books spend a great deal of time with the doctrines and beliefs which are specific to Christianity or, at the very least, to traditional forms of Western monotheism while at the same time ignoring other religions and more general theistic beliefs. Why is that? Atheists Aren't Necessarily Anti-Christian...

Are Atheists Bigoted Against Christians?

This is similar to the claim that atheists are anti-Christian because of the time they spend on critiquing Christianity; it is, however, a more general assertion and merits being addressed separately.

Is it a legitimate complaint that atheists are bigoted when it comes to Christianity? That is to say, are atheists intolerant of Christianity, Christian beliefs, Christian institutions, etc.? Even if this is true, what impact if any does this have on atheism and atheists' critiques of Christianity?

Atheists Aren't Necessarily Bigoted...

Are Atheists Anti-Theistic or Anti-God?

Atheism and anti-theism so often occur together at the same time and in the same person that it's understandable if many people fail to realize that they aren't the same. Making note of the difference is important, however, because not every atheist is anti-theistic and even those who are, aren't anti-theistic all the time. Atheism is simply the absence of belief in gods; anti-theism is a conscious and deliberate opposition to theistic belief. Many atheists are also anti-theists, but not all. Atheists Aren't Necessarily Anti-Theistic...

Are Atheists Anti-Religion?

Atheists are often seen critiquing religion, so the perception can develop that atheism itself must be an anti-religious position — but this is not true. Atheism is simply the absence of beliefs in gods and is a position which can occur inside or outside the context of religion. Thus, an atheist might be devoutly religious, devoutly anti-religious, or completely apathetic with regards to religion — exactly as is the case with theists. It all depends on the individual and what ideas, beliefs, or principles they have aside from atheism. Some Atheists are Anti-Religion

Do Atheists Prevent their Kids from Learning About Religion, Religious Beliefs?

Because most atheists are not religious, it is understandable that most atheists aren't going to make an effort to raise their children in an explicitly and deliberately religious environment. Atheists are likely to raise their children to be Christians or Muslims. Does this, then, mean that atheists are also trying to keep religion away from their children? Are they afraid of their kids possibly becoming religious? What are the consequence of hiding religion from someone? Atheists Don't All Hide Religion from Kids...

Can Atheists Be Religious?

Atheism and religion are often portrayed and treated as polar opposites; although there is a strong correlation between being an atheist and being irreligious, there is no necessary and inherent connection between the two.

Atheism is not the same as being irreligious; theism is not the same as being religious. Atheists in the West tend not to belong to any religion, but atheism is quite compatible with religion. Theists in the West tend to be religious, but theism is compatible with irreligion. Some Atheists Are Religious...

Can Atheists Be Spiritual?:

The problem with answering such a question is that the term "spiritual" is so vague and ill-defined most of the time. Usually when people use it they mean something similar to, but nevertheless very distinct from, religion. This is probably an improper usage, however, because there are very good reasons to think that spirituality is more a type of religion than anything else. Some Atheists are Spiritual...

New Atheism & Militant Atheism: Should Atheists Respect Religion and Theism?

For religious theists, their religion, religious beliefs, and theism are very important to them. They hold their beliefs and institutions in high regard, so become defensive when irreligious atheists are sharply critical of religion and religious beliefs. Theists demand that atheists show more respect and tolerance, but is this justified? What are they really asking for? It can be argued that they are demanding others admire and defer to their religion, which is an illegitimate demand. Religion & Theism Must Earn Respect...

Are there Any Atheistic Religions?

Although most religions are theistic, which means that belief in a god or gods is incorporated into its doctrines, there are a few religions that are atheistic.

Such religions may simply reject belief in any primary creator god, may dismiss the possibility of gods as irrelevant, or may even go so far as to reject and deny gods entirely. Whatever the case is, people can be adherents of these religions without bothering to believe in any gods, thus allowing for a person to be a religious atheist. There are Atheistic Religions...

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