Attila the Hun Timeline

The "Scourge of God"

Attila the Hun led his people to dominate the late Roman Empire, extracting tribute from the Romans and sacking their cities. This timeline illustrates the major events in Attila's life, as well as the rise and fall of the Huns in Europe.
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This is a single-page version of the timeline of Attila and the Huns. Capture the sweep of history as the Hunnic Empire in Europe rises and falls - all on one handy page. For more of the "juicy details," see the five-part in-depth timeline below. More »
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Huns (Xiongnu) Raid China and Inspire Building of Great Wall; Xiongnu Unite Under Modun Shanyu; Xiongnu attack Tocharians; Chinese Emperor Wu-ti Attacks Xiongnu; Xiongnu Defeated, Driven West; Huns Appear at Volga River; Huns Reach Eastern Europe; Attila the Hun Born More »

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Roman General Aetius Hires Huns as Mercenaries; Attila's Uncle Rua Seizes Control of Huns; Rua Signs Peace Treaty, Gets Tribute From Eastern Romans; Western Romans Surrender Pannonia to Huns; Aetius Takes Power Over Western Rome; Rua Dies, Attila and Brother Bleda Co-Kings; Aetius Uses Huns Against Vandals and Franks; Treaty from Horseback at Margus, Roman Tribute Increases; Huns Attack Sassanid Persia; Aetius and the Huns Destroy the Burgundians More »
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First East Roman Embassy to the Huns; Huns Join Western Roman Siege of Goths at Toulouse; Huns Sack East Roman Market/Fortress; Constantinople Sends Army to Carthage, North Africa; Huns Attack East Rome, Capture Viminacium and Naissus; Roman Tribute Doubled to 1400 Pounds of Gold/Year; Constantinople Braces For Hun Attack; East Romans Stop Paying Tribute; Death (Murder?) of Bleda, Attila is Sole King of the Huns More »
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Huns Capture Ratiaria & Marcianople, Eastern Roman Empire; Earthquake Hits Constantinople, Frantic Repairs; E. Roman Army Defeated at Chersonesus; Attila Rules All of Balkans; E. Roman Tribute Increased to 2,100 Pounds of Gold; E. Roman Embassy Tries to Assassinate Attila; Marcian is New E. Roman Emperor, Cuts Off Tribute to Huns; Honoria Sends Her Ring to Attila; Huns Overrun Gaul, Defeated at Battle of Catalaunian Fields More »
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Famine in Italy; Attila and 100,000 Troops Invade Italy, Sack Padua, Milan; Death of Attila During Wedding Night; Attila's Sons Divide Empire; Battle of Nedao, Huns Driven From Pannonia by Goths; Huns Beseige Paris; King Dengizik Dies, Huns Disappear From History More »