Audio Dictionary - French Words From T-Z

Improve your French vocabulary

Build your French vocabulary by studying common words in the language starting with letters T, U, V and W. Hear how the words are pronounced and practice using them in context.

French Words That Start With T

Tthe letter TFrench alphabet
le tabactobacco, ~ smoke shopMdJ - T
une tabletableFurniture
un tableaupicture, painting, scene, list, chart, blackboard, bulletin boardMdJ - T
tablerto count/bank/rely on somethingn
un tabouretstool, footstoolMdJ - T
un tac(noun and interjection) tap, clack (sound)n
des taches de rousseurfrecklesDescriptions
taillerto cut, carve, prune, trimMdJ - T
se tailler(inf) - to beat it, split, run offMdJ - T
un tailleursuitWomen's clothing
talonnerto hotly pursue; to hound, gnaw at; to kick, spur on; (boats) to touch the bottomn
un tamissieve, sifter; raquette head/stringn
un tamponstopper, plug, wad, swab; tampon; stamp; buffern
tamponnerto mop up, plug; crash into; stampMdJ - T
une tanteauntFamily
taperto type; bang, knock; (inf) to scrounge, hit upn
un tapisrugFurniture
taquin(adj) - playfulPersonality
taquinerto tease, bother; to dabble at (used humorously)MdJ - T
tarabiscoté(adj) - ornate, fussyMdJ - T
tarabusterto badger, pester, bother, worryMdJ - T
tarderto delay, to take a long timeMdJ - T
taré(adj) - defective; (inf) perverted, crazyMdJ - T
un tarédegenerateMdJ - T
se targuerto boast, bragMdJ - T
la tartepieDessert
un tartempion(inf) - what's-his-nameMdJ - T
un taspile, heapMdJ - T
un/des tas de(inf) - tons of, lots of, piles ofMdJ - T
une tassecupDishes
la tataauntieBaby talk
la tatieauntieBaby talk
tatillon(adj) - finicky, nit-pickyMdJ - T
un tatillona finicky personMdJ - T
une taule

(fam) - jail, clink, nick

MdJ - T
le tauxrate, leveln
un tee-shirtT-shirtClothing
tel autre  
la téléTVHobbies
téléchargerto downloadMdJ - T
un télécopieurfax machineOffice
un téléphonetelephoneFurniture
téléphoner àto callOn the phone
la télévisiontelevisionHobbies
tellement avareso stingyOptional liaisons
téméraire(adj) - rash, reckless, foolhardyMdJ - T
témoignerto testify; to show, display, evinceMdJ - T
un témoinwitness, evidence, proofMdJ - T
temporiserto delay, stall, play for timen
le tempsweatherWeather
à temps partiel(adj, adv) - part-timeMdJ - T
tendreto tighten, tauten, tense; to hang; to set (a trap)n
tendu(adj) tight, taut, tensed; strained; held/stretched outn
le tennistennisHobbies
des tennis (m)sneakersClothing
tension arterielle  
tenterto tempt, attempt, tryMdJ - T
tenueupkeep, behaviorn
la têteheadBody
têtu(adj) - stubborn, pigheadedMdJ - T
le théteaDrinks
le théâtretheaterDirections
ThéodoreTheodoreFrench names
ThéophileTheophilusFrench names
ThérèseTheresaFrench names
ThibautTheobaldFrench names
ThierryTerryFrench names
ThomasThomasFrench names
tiède(adj, adv) - lukewarm, tepid, mildMdJ - T
un tiers(fraction) third; third party/personMdJ - T
timide(adj) - shyPersonality
timoré(adj) - fearful, timid; (literary, religious) - over-scrupulousMdJ - T
TimothéeTimothyFrench names
tiquerto make/pull a face, to raise an eyebrow, to bat an eyeMdJ - T
la tisaneherbal teaMdJ - T
le tissufabric, cloth, material; (anatomy) tissue; (figurative) fabric, webMdJ - T
un tocard(familiar adj used with things) cheap, trashyMdJ - T
la toilettetoilet, bathroomAccommodations
tolérerto tolerate, bear, endureMdJ - T
un tollégeneral outcry, protestMdJ - T
la tomatetomatoVegetables
la tombée(figurative) fallMdJ - T
la tonalitédial toneOn the phone
tondreto shear, mow, clip, cropMdJ - T
le tontonuncleBaby talk
tordreto wring, twist, contortMdJ - T
torpillerto torpedo, sabotageMdJ - T
la totocarBaby talk
les totos (m)head liceBaby talk
toucherto touch; to approach, be/go near; to affectMdJ - T
tournerto turnDriving
une tournureturn (of phrase, events); appearanceMdJ - T
tousserto coughMdJ - T
toutevery, very, all, everything; quite, veryTrès synonyms
tout droitstraight (ahead)Directions
tout entierentireLiaisons
le toutoudoggyBaby talk
le tracstage fright, nerves, (to be) nervousMdJ - T
une traductiontranslationMdJ - T
le traintrainTransportation
un traiteurdelicatessen, catererMdJ - T
une trancheslice, edgeMdJ - T
tranquille(adj) - quiet, gentle, peaceful, calmMdJ - T
le transporttransportationTransportation
travailleur(adj) - hard-workingPersonality
traverserto crossDriving

to stumble (lit and fig)

MdJ - T
la trempe

moral fiber, soaking; (inf) - hiding, thrashing

MdJ - T
trempé(adj) - soaked, drenched; to participate (in something dishonest)MdJ - T
trente et un31Numbers
trèsveryTrès synonyms
très utilevery usefulLiaisons
une trêvetruce, respiteMdJ - T
trimbaler(inf) - to lug, cart around; to trail alongMdJ - T
le trisorting, selection, grading, siftingMdJ - T
trinquerto toast, drink to; (inf) - take the rapMdJ - T
la tripetripe; (inf, gif) - core, fiberMdJ - T
les tripesgutsMdJ - T
TristanTristan, TristramFrench names
le troctrade, exchange, barterMdJ - T
un trombonepaper clipOffice
trompe l'oeil  
une tronche(fam) - mug (face), noggin (head)MdJ - T
troptoo (much), veryTrès synonyms
trouerto make/wear/punch a hole in, to pierce (literally and fig)MdJ - T
la trouille(fam) - extreme fearMdJ - T
un truc(inf) - thingie, whatsit, trickMdJ - T
un trucmuche(familiar) thingamajig, thingie, whatsitMdJ - T
tuyouSubject pronouns
un turbin(fam) - job, daily grindMdJ - T
tutoyerto use "tu", be on familiar termsTu vs Vous
Tu vas allerYou're going to goOptional liaisons
un tuyaupipe, (inf) - tip, piece of adviceMdJ - T
un typetype, kind; classic example, epitome; (inf) - guy, bloke, chapMdJ - T


French Words That Start With U

Uthe letter UFrench alphabet
ulcérer(fig) - to sicken, appall; (medical) - ulcerateMdJ - U
ultime(adj) last, final, ultimateMdJ - U
une heure  
un homme  
uni(adj) - plain, solid-colored; close-knitMdJ - U
une uni

short for université

unique(adj) unique, onlyMdJ - U
une universitécollegeSchool
Untel / Unetelleso-and-so, John/Jane DoeMdJ - U
urger(inf) - to be urgentMdJ - U
userto wear out, wear away; to use upMdJ - U
une usinefactoryMdJ - U
usité(adj) - commonly-used, in common useMdJ - U
usueleveryday, ordinaryMdJ - U


French Words That Start With V

Vthe letter VFrench alphabet
un vacarmeracket, row, dinMdJ - V
un vacatairestand-in, temporary replacement, part-time teacherMdJ - V
vachard(familiar adj) mean, nasty, rottenMdJ - V
vache epagnole  
vachement(inf adv) - very, really, damn, bloody (Br Eng)MdJ - V
la vacherie(fam) - meanness, rottenness; nasty remark/action; garbageMdJ - V
vacillerto sway, wobble; flicker; (fig) - to shake, waver, falterMdJ - V
vadrouiller(inf) - to rove aroundMdJ - V
ValentineValentinaFrench names
ValérieValerieFrench names
la vanillevanillaDessert
vanterto praise, speak highly of, laudMdJ - V
vaquerto attend to, see to, take care of; to be on vacationMdJ - V
vaseux(inf adj) - woozy, dazed, hazy, muddled; lame, stupidMdJ - V
le veauvealMeat
la vedettestar, leading figureMdJ - V
végétarien (m)(adj) - vegetarianRestaurant
végétarienne(f)(adj) - vegetarianRestaurant
la veillewakefulness; night before, eve, brinkMdJ - V
veillerto stay/sit up, be on watch, be awake, spend the eveningMdJ - V
veiller àto look after, see to, monitorMdJ - V
veinard(inf adj) - lucky, jammyMdJ - V
un veinardlucky dog, lucky duckMdJ - V
le vélobikingHobbies
venir deto have just [done something]MdJ - V
la vérandaporchHome
le verlan~ Pig LatinVerlan
le vernis àonglesnail polishToiletries
VéroniqueVeronicaFrench names
un verreglassDishes
un verre à vinwine glassDishes
vertement(adv) sharply, stronglyMdJ - V
le vertigevertigo, dizzyness, giddinessMdJ - V
un veston de sportsport jacketMen's clothing
les vêtements(m)clothingClothing
les vêtements de femmewomen's clothingWomen's clothing
les vêtements d'hommemen's clothingMen's clothing
VeuillezPlease (be so kind as to)Politeness
Veux-tu m'épouser ?Will you marry me?Love language
vexerto upset, offend, angerMdJ - V
la viandemeatMeat
VictoireVictoriaFrench names
VictorVictorFrench names
le vinwineDrinks
VincentVincentFrench names
vingt20 Numbers
vingt et un21Numbers
vingt-deux22 Numbers
virerto turn (a car); to change (color); to kick out; to transferMdJ - V
VirginieVirginiaFrench names
le visagefaceBody
viserto aim at/for, be directed at; (fam) - to take a peekMdJ - V
visserto screw on/down; (informal, figurative) to be glued to/in/on; (informal) - to be strict, keep a tight rein onMdJ - V
vivant(adj) - living, alive, live; lively, full of life; life-like; vividMdJ - V
vivoterto struggle along, scrape byMdJ - V
Voici...This is...Introductions
la voilesailingHobbies
voire(adv) - indeed, evenMdJ - V
la voiturecarTransportation
le volantsteering wheelDriving
volontiers(adv) - gladly, with pleasureMdJ - V
vouloir àto have something against someoneMdJ - V
vousyouSubject pronouns
vous avezyou haveLiaisons
vous avez choisi  
vous desirez  
Vous êtes géniaux !You are just great!Accent affectif
vouvoyerto use "vous" with someoneTu vs Vous
le voyagetravelTravel
un voyouhoodlum, delinquent, brat (can also be an adj)MdJ - V
en vrac(adv/adj) - loose, (in) bulk, jumbled, disorderlyMdJ - V
vraimentreally, veryTrèssynonyms

French Words That Start With W

Wthe letter WFrench alphabet
un wagontrain car; truckload; (inf) - stacks, piles, tonsMdJ - W
wallon(adj) - Walloon (French-speaking Belgian)MdJ - W
un WallonWalloon personMdJ - W
les W.-C.bathroomAccommodations


French Words That Start With X

Xthe letter XFrench alphabet
XavierXavierFrench names
xénophobe(adj) - xenophobic (fearful or contemptuous of foreigners)MdJ - X
le xérèssherryMdJ - X


French Words That Start With Y

Ythe letter YFrench alphabet
Y(adverbial pronoun) - thereAll About Y
le yaourtyogurtDairy
les yeuxeyesBody
y pronoun  
YvesIvesFrench names

French Words That Start With Z

Zthe letter ZFrench alphabet
ZacharieZacharyFrench names
zapper(TV) to channel-hop, (radio) to change stations rapidlyMdJ - Z
la zizanieill-feeling, feud, rivalryMdJ - Z
le ziziweenie, peter, penisBaby talk
ZoéZoeFrench names
la zonezone, area; ghetto, slum; (inf) - bad situationMdJ - Z