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Build your French vocabulary by studying common words in the language starting with letters T, U, ​V, W, X, Y, and Z. Hear how the words are pronounced and practice using them in context.

French Words That Start With T

T the letter T French alphabet
le tabac tobacco, ~ smoke shop MdJ - T
une table table Furniture
un tableau picture, painting, scene, list, chart, blackboard, bulletin board MdJ - T
tabler to count/bank/rely on something n
un tabouret stool, footstool MdJ - T
un tac (noun and interjection) tap, clack (sound) n
des taches de rousseur freckles Descriptions
tailler to cut, carve, prune, trim MdJ - T
se tailler (inf) - to beat it, split, run off MdJ - T
un tailleur suit Women's clothing
talonner to hotly pursue; to hound, gnaw at; to kick, spur on; (boats) to touch the bottom n
un tamis sieve, sifter; raquette head/string n
un tampon stopper, plug, wad, swab; tampon; stamp; buffer n
tamponner to mop up, plug; crash into; stamp MdJ - T
une tante aunt Family
taper to type; bang, knock; (inf) to scrounge, hit up n
un tapis rug Furniture
taquin (adj) - playful Personality
taquiner to tease, bother; to dabble at (used humorously) MdJ - T
tarabiscoté (adj) - ornate, fussy MdJ - T
tarabuster to badger, pester, bother, worry MdJ - T
tarder to delay, to take a long time MdJ - T
taré (adj) - defective; (inf) perverted, crazy MdJ - T
un taré degenerate MdJ - T
se targuer to boast, brag MdJ - T
la tarte pie Dessert
un tartempion (inf) - what's-his-name MdJ - T
un tas pile, heap MdJ - T
un/des tas de (inf) - tons of, lots of, piles of MdJ - T
une tasse cup Dishes
la tata auntie Baby talk
la tatie auntie Baby talk
tatillon (adj) - finicky, nit-picky MdJ - T
un tatillon a finicky person MdJ - T
une taule

(fam) - jail, clink, nick

MdJ - T
le taux rate, level n
un tee-shirt T-shirt Clothing
tel autre
la télé TV Hobbies
télécharger to download MdJ - T
un télécopieur fax machine Office
un téléphone telephone Furniture
téléphoner à to call On the phone
la télévision television Hobbies
tellement avare so stingy Optional liaisons
téméraire (adj) - rash, reckless, foolhardy MdJ - T
témoigner to testify; to show, display, evince MdJ - T
un témoin witness, evidence, proof MdJ - T
temporiser to delay, stall, play for time n
le temps weather Weather
à temps partiel (adj, adv) - part-time MdJ - T
tendre to tighten, tauten, tense; to hang; to set (a trap) n
tendu (adj) tight, taut, tensed; strained; held/stretched out n
le tennis tennis Hobbies
des tennis (m) sneakers Clothing
tension arterielle
tenter to tempt, attempt, try MdJ - T
tenue upkeep, behavior n
la tête head Body
têtu (adj) - stubborn, pigheaded MdJ - T
le thé tea Drinks
le théâtre theater Directions
Théodore Theodore French names
Théophile Theophilus French names
Thérèse Theresa French names
Thibaut Theobald French names
Thierry Terry French names
Thomas Thomas French names
tiède (adj, adv) - lukewarm, tepid, mild MdJ - T
un tiers (fraction) third; third party/person MdJ - T
timide (adj) - shy Personality
timoré (adj) - fearful, timid; (literary, religious) - over-scrupulous MdJ - T
Timothée Timothy French names
tiquer to make/pull a face, to raise an eyebrow, to bat an eye MdJ - T
la tisane herbal tea MdJ - T
le tissu fabric, cloth, material; (anatomy) tissue; (figurative) fabric, web MdJ - T
un tocard (familiar adj used with things) cheap, trashy MdJ - T
la toilette toilet, bathroom Accommodations
tolérer to tolerate, bear, endure MdJ - T
un tollé general outcry, protest MdJ - T
la tomate tomato Vegetables
la tombée (figurative) fall MdJ - T
la tonalité dial tone On the phone
tondre to shear, mow, clip, crop MdJ - T
le tonton uncle Baby talk
tordre to wring, twist, contort MdJ - T
torpiller to torpedo, sabotage MdJ - T
la toto car Baby talk
les totos (m) head lice Baby talk
toucher to touch; to approach, be/go near; to affect MdJ - T
tourner to turn Driving
une tournure turn (of phrase, events); appearance MdJ - T
tousser to cough MdJ - T
tout every, very, all, everything; quite, very Très synonyms
tout droit straight (ahead) Directions
tout entier entire Liaisons
le toutou doggy Baby talk
le trac stage fright, nerves, (to be) nervous MdJ - T
une traduction translation MdJ - T
le train train Transportation
un traiteur delicatessen, caterer MdJ - T
une tranche slice, edge MdJ - T
tranquille (adj) - quiet, gentle, peaceful, calm MdJ - T
le transport transportation Transportation
travailleur (adj) - hard-working Personality
traverser to cross Driving

to stumble (lit and fig)

MdJ - T
treize 13 Numbers
la trempe

moral fiber, soaking; (inf) - hiding, thrashing

MdJ - T
trempé (adj) - soaked, drenched; to participate (in something dishonest) MdJ - T
trente 30 Numbers
trente et un 31 Numbers
trente-deux 32 Numbers
très very Très synonyms
très utile very useful Liaisons
une trêve truce, respite MdJ - T
trimbaler (inf) - to lug, cart around; to trail along MdJ - T
le tri sorting, selection, grading, sifting MdJ - T
trinquer to toast, drink to; (inf) - take the rap MdJ - T
la tripe tripe; (inf, gif) - core, fiber MdJ - T
les tripes guts MdJ - T
Tristan Tristan, Tristram French names
triste sad Mood
le troc trade, exchange, barter MdJ - T
trois 3 Numbers
un trombone paper clip Office
trompe l'oeil
une tronche (fam) - mug (face), noggin (head) MdJ - T
trop too (much), very Très synonyms
trouer to make/wear/punch a hole in, to pierce (literally and fig) MdJ - T
la trouille (fam) - extreme fear MdJ - T
un truc (inf) - thingie, whatsit, trick MdJ - T
un trucmuche (familiar) thingamajig, thingie, whatsit MdJ - T
tu you Subject pronouns
un turbin (fam) - job, daily grind MdJ - T
tutoyer to use "tu", be on familiar terms Tu vs Vous
Tu vas aller You're going to go Optional liaisons
un tuyau pipe, (inf) - tip, piece of advice MdJ - T
un type type, kind; classic example, epitome; (inf) - guy, bloke, chap MdJ - T

French Words That Start With U

U the letter U French alphabet
ulcérer (fig) - to sicken, appall; (medical) - ulcerate MdJ - U
ultime (adj) last, final, ultimate MdJ - U
un 1 Numbers
une heure
un homme
uni (adj) - plain, solid-colored; close-knit MdJ - U
une uni

short for université

unique (adj) unique, only MdJ - U
une université college School
Untel / Unetelle so-and-so, John/Jane Doe MdJ - U
urger (inf) - to be urgent MdJ - U
user to wear out, wear away; to use up MdJ - U
une usine factory MdJ - U
usité (adj) - commonly-used, in common use MdJ - U
usuel everyday, ordinary MdJ - U

French Words That Start With V

V the letter V French alphabet
un vacarme racket, row, din MdJ - V
un vacataire stand-in, temporary replacement, part-time teacher MdJ - V
vachard (familiar adj) mean, nasty, rotten MdJ - V
vache epagnole
vachement (inf adv) - very, really, damn, bloody (Br Eng) MdJ - V
la vacherie (fam) - meanness, rottenness; nasty remark/action; garbage MdJ - V
vaciller to sway, wobble; flicker; (fig) - to shake, waver, falter MdJ - V
vadrouiller (inf) - to rove around MdJ - V
Valentine Valentina French names
Valérie Valerie French names
la vanille vanilla Dessert
vanter to praise, speak highly of, laud MdJ - V
vaquer to attend to, see to, take care of; to be on vacation MdJ - V
vaseux (inf adj) - woozy, dazed, hazy, muddled; lame, stupid MdJ - V
le veau veal Meat
la vedette star, leading figure MdJ - V
végétarien (m) (adj) - vegetarian Restaurant
végétarienne(f) (adj) - vegetarian Restaurant
la veille wakefulness; night before, eve, brink MdJ - V
veiller to stay/sit up, be on watch, be awake, spend the evening MdJ - V
veiller à to look after, see to, monitor MdJ - V
veinard (inf adj) - lucky, jammy MdJ - V
un veinard lucky dog, lucky duck MdJ - V
le vélo biking Hobbies
vendredi Friday Calendar
venir de to have just [done something] MdJ - V
la véranda porch Home
le verlan ~ Pig Latin Verlan
le vernis àongles nail polish Toiletries
Véronique Veronica French names
un verre glass Dishes
un verre à vin wine glass Dishes
vert green Colors
vertement (adv) sharply, strongly MdJ - V
le vertige vertigo, dizziness, giddiness MdJ - V
un veston de sport sport jacket Men's clothing
les vêtements(m) clothing Clothing
les vêtements de femme women's clothing Women's clothing
les vêtements d'homme men's clothing Men's clothing
Veuillez Please (be so kind as to) Politeness
Veux-tu m'épouser ? Will you marry me? Love language
vexer to upset, offend, anger MdJ - V
la viande meat Meat
Victoire Victoria French names
Victor Victor French names
le vin wine Drinks
Vincent Vincent French names
vingt 20 Numbers
vingt et un 21 Numbers
vingt-deux 22 Numbers
vingt-trois 23 Numbers
violet purple Colors
virer to turn (a car); to change (color); to kick out; to transfer MdJ - V
Virginie Virginia French names
le visage face Body
viser to aim at/for, be directed at; (fam) - to take a peek MdJ - V
visser to screw on/down; (informal, figurative) to be glued to/in/on; (informal) - to be strict, keep a tight rein on MdJ - V
vivant (adj) - living, alive, live; lively, full of life; life-like; vivid MdJ - V
vivoter to struggle along, scrape by MdJ - V
Voici... This is... Introductions
la voile sailing Hobbies
voire (adv) - indeed, even MdJ - V
la voiture car Transportation
le volant steering wheel Driving
volontiers (adv) - gladly, with pleasure MdJ - V
vouloir à to have something against someone MdJ - V
vous you Subject pronouns
vous avez you have Liaisons
vous avez choisi
vous desirez
Vous êtes géniaux ! You are just great! Accent affectif
vouvoyer to use "vous" with someone Tu vs Vous
le voyage travel Travel
un voyou hoodlum, delinquent, brat (can also be an adj) MdJ - V
en vrac (adv/adj) - loose, (in) bulk, jumbled, disorderly MdJ - V
vraiment really, very Trèssynonyms

French Words That Start With W

W the letter W French alphabet
un wagon train car; truckload; (inf) - stacks, piles, tons MdJ - W
wallon (adj) - Walloon (French-speaking Belgian) MdJ - W
un Wallon Walloon person MdJ - W
les W.-C. bathroom Accommodations

French Words That Start With X

X the letter X French alphabet
Xavier Xavier French names
xénophobe (adj) - xenophobic (fearful or contemptuous of foreigners) MdJ - X
le xérès sherry MdJ - X

French Words That Start With Y

Y the letter Y French alphabet
Y (adverbial pronoun) - there All About Y
le yaourt yogurt Dairy
les yeux eyes Body
y pronoun
Yves Ives French names

French Words That Start With Z

Z the letter Z French alphabet
Zacharie Zachary French names
zapper (TV) to channel-hop, (radio) to change stations rapidly MdJ - Z
la zizanie ill-feeling, feud, rivalry MdJ - Z
le zizi weenie, peter, penis Baby talk
Zoé Zoe French names
la zone zone, area; ghetto, slum; (inf) - bad situation MdJ - Z
zoo zoo
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