French Words Starting With G, H, I and J

French words starting with G, H, I, and J

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Improve your French vocabulary by studying common words in the language starting with letters G, H, I and J. Listen to the pronunciation of these words and practice using them in context.

French Words That Start With G

G the letter G French alphabet
Gabriel Gabriel French names
Gabrielle Gabrielle French names
gâcher to waste, spoil, botch; to temper, mix MdJ - G
une gaffe blunder, clanger/foot in the mouth MdJ - G
gager to bet, wager; to guarantee (a loan) MdJ - G
un gagne-pain (inf) - job MdJ - G
une galère galley (of a ship) MdJ - G
gamin (adj) - mischievous, playful, childish MdJ - G
un gamin (inf) - kid, urchin MdJ - G
une gamme range, variety, line (of products), (music) scale MdJ - G
des gants (m) gloves Accessories
une garderie day-care center, preschool; after-school center/club MdJ - G
la gare train station Transportation
la gare d'autobus bus station Transportation
la gare de métro subway station Transportation
le gaspi (inf) - waste Apocopes

to waste, squander

MdJ - G
Gaston   French names
le gâteau cake Dessert
gâter to spoil, damage, ruin MdJ - G
gaver to forcefeed; to fill up, cram MdJ - G
le gaz (natural) gas, fizz, wind MdJ - G
gazer (inf) - to go, feel, work MdJ - G


to chirp, to babble MdJ - G
geler to freeze (literally and figuratively) MdJ - G

to moan, bemoan, groan; to creak

MdJ - G

to bother, to hamper (literally and fig)

MdJ - G
Geneviève   French names
génial (adj) - of genius, inspired; (inf) - great, cool MdJ - G
le genou knee Body
gentil (adj) - kind, nice, good MdJ - G
Georges George French names
un gérant manager Professions
Gérard Gerald French names
gercer to chap, crack MdJ - G
gérer to manage, administer MdJ - G
une gifle slap, smack MdJ - G
Gilbert Gilbert French names
Gilles Giles French names
giratoire (adj) - gyrating, circular movement MdJ - G
un gîte shelter, tourist cottage MdJ - G
givré (adj) - frosted, covered in frost; (inf) - drunk; crazy MdJ - G
la glace ice cream, mirror Dessert, Furniture
un glaçon ice cube; block of ice MdJ - G
gnon dent, bump, blow MdJ - G
gober to swallow whole, (inf) to swallow hook, line, and sinker MdJ - G
godiche (informal adj) silly, awkward, lumpish, oafish MdJ - G
une gomme eraser School

to inflate, swell; (fam) - to get on one's nerves

MdJ - G
un/e gosse (inf) - kid MdJ - G
se gourer (fam) - to goof, boob, screw up MdJ - G
le goûter snack Food
une goutte drop, gout, (inf) brandy MdJ - G
un grain bean, seed, grain, cereal MdJ - G
grand (adj) - tall Descriptions
un grand magasin department store Shopping
une grand-mère grandmother Family
un grand-père grandfather Family
le gratte-ciel (invariable) - skyscraper MdJ - G
gratter to scratch, to make itch, to earn a bit of money MdJ - G
le gré liking, desire MdJ - G
la greffe transplant, graft MdJ - G
Grégoire Gregory French names
le grenier attic Home
une griffe claw; manufacturer's label, signature stamp MdJ - G
grignoter to nibble, gnaw at; to eat away at MdJ - G
un gril steak/grill pan MdJ - G
grimper to climb, clamber MdJ - G
la grippe flu, influenza MdJ - G
gris grey Colors
grogner grumble, grunt, moan MdJ - G
grognon (adj) - grumpy, gruff MdJ - G
gros (adj) - fat Descriptions
un groupuscule (pej) - small political group MdJ - G
une grue crane (machinery and bird) MdJ - G
guetter to watch, watch out for, lie in wait for; to be at risk of MdJ - G
un guichet automatique de banque (GAB)

ATM / cash dispenser

MdJ - G
un guidon handlebars MdJ - G
Guillaume William French names
un guillemet quotation mark, inverted comma Punctuation
Gustave   French names
Guy Bill French names

French Words That Start With H

H the letter H French alphabet
une habitude habit MdJ - H
hâler to get some sun (can mean to tan or to burn) MdJ - H
haletant (adj) panting, breathless; suspenseful MdJ - H
un haricot bean Vegetables
un hasard coincidence, chance, fate, luck MdJ - H
hausser to raise MdJ - H
hautement highly, very Très synonyms
Hélène Helen, Ellen French names
Henri Henry French names
Henriette Henrietta French names
l'heure (f) hour, time Telling time
heureux (adj) - happy Mood

Hexagone (m)

Metropolitan France MdJ - H
l'hindi Hindi Lang + Nat
hisser to hoist, heave, haul up MdJ - H
hiver winter Calendar
le hockey hockey Hobbies
holà (interj) - hello! hang on! MdJ - H
un homme a man Liaisons
les hommes arrivent the men arrive Optional liaisons
Honoré (honored) French names
un hôpital hospital Directions
hoqueter to hiccup, hiccough MdJ - H
un horaire timetable, schedule, hourly employee MdJ - H
une horreur horror, awfulness; loathing MdJ - H
horripilant (adj) - exasperating, trying MdJ - H
hors de service
les hors d'oeuvre (m) appetizers Food
hors service out of order Travel
Hortense French names
un hôtel hotel Accommodations
hotess de l'air
houleux (adj) - stormy, turbulent, tumultuous MdJ - H
Hugues Hugo French names
huit 8 Numbers
humide (adj) - humid Weather
hyper (inf) really, mega Très synonyms

French Words That Start With I

I the letter I French alphabet
il he, it Subject pronouns
Il est It is Dates
Il est deux heures. It's two o'clock. Telling time
Il est heureux He is happy. Optional liaisons
Il est ici He is here. Optional liaisons
Il est idiot He's an idiot. Optional liaisons
Il est une heure. It's one o'clock. Telling time
Il fait .... It is... Weather
Il gèle It's freezing Weather


(adj) - illustrious, renowned MdJ - I
Il neige It's snowing Weather
un îlotier community policeman MdJ - I
Il pleut It's raining Weather
Il pleut à verse It's pouring Weather
ils they Subject pronouns
Il s'appelle .... His name is... Introductions
Ils arriveront à They will arrive at Optional liaisons
Ils ont
Ils ont eu They had Optional liaisons
imbiber to soak, saturate MdJ - I
imbu (adj) - pompous, full of oneself MdJ - I
impatient (adj) - impatient Personality
impec (inf adj) - great! terrific! Apocopes
un imper (inf) - raincoat, mac Apocopes
un imperméable raincoat Clothing
implanter to introduce, settle, establish MdJ - I
Impossible ! Impossible! Accent affectif
imprégner to soak, permeate, fill, pervade MdJ - I
une imprimante printer Office
impuissant (adj) powerless, helpless, impotent MdJ - I
imputer to attribute/ascribe to; to charge to MdJ - I
incontournable inescapable, inevitable, indispensable MdJ - I
indé indy, independent (music, film, etc) MdJ - I
un index index finger, forefinger; index MdJ - I
Indien (ne) Indian Lang + Nat
indigné (adj) - unworthy, not worthy MdJ - I
inédit (adj) - unpublished; novel, new, original MdJ - I
Inès Inez French names
infiniment infinitely, immensely Trèssynonyms
un infirmier, une infirmière nurse Professions
une information a piece of information MdJ - I
information touristique tourist information Travel
l'informatique (fem) - computer science MdJ - I
un ingénieur engineer Professions
inopiné (adj) - unexpected MdJ - I
inouï (adj) - unprecendented, unheard of; extraordinary, incredible MdJ - I
inquiet (adj) - worried Mood
insister to stress, be insistent, emphasize MdJ - I
installer to set up, put in, fit out, get settled MdJ - I
à l'instar de following the example of MdJ - I
intelligent (adj) - smart Personality
interdit (adj) - banned, forbidden, prohibited; dumbfounded, disconcerted MdJ - I
intéressant (adj) - interesting, attractive, worthwhile MdJ - I
interpeller to call out to; to question; be of concern to, appeal to MdJ - I
un intitulé account holder's name; headings, chapter titles MdJ - I
invraisemblable (adj) unlikely, improbable, implausible, unimaginable MdJ - I
l'irlandais Gaelic (language) Lang + Nat
Irlandais(e) Irish (person) Lang + Nat
Isaac Isaac French names
Isabelle Isabel French names
une issue exit, solution MdJ - I
Italien(ne), l'italien Italian Lang + Nat
itou (informal and old-fashioned) - too, likewise MdJ - I

French Words That Start With J

J the letter J French alphabet
Jacqueline Jacqueline French names
Jacques James French names
Jacquot Jimmy French names
J'ai besoin de
jaillir spurt out, gush forth, spring out MdJ - J
J'ai oublie
J'ai un problème I have a problem Basic vocab
J'ai une question I have a question Basic vocab
jalonner to mark (fig); to line, stretch along MdJ - J
la jambe leg Body
le jambon ham Meat
janvier January Calendar
Japonais(e), le japonais Japanese Lang + Nat
le jardin yard, garden Home
le jardinage gardening Hobbies
jaune yellow Colors
je I Subject pronouns
un jean jeans Clothing
Jean John French names
Jeanne Joan, Jean, Jane French names
Jeannine Janine French names
Jeannot Johnny French names
Je m'appelle .... My name is... Introductions
Je ne comprends pas I don't understand. Basic vocab
Je ne peux pas manger.... I can't eat... Restaurant
Je ne peux pas trouver .... I can't find.... Travel
Je ne sais pas I don't know Basic vocab
Je parle (un peu de) français I speak (a little) French. Basic vocab
Je prends .... I'm having... Restaurant
Jérôme Jerome French names
Je suis ... I am... Restaurant
Je suis allé I went Optional liaisons
Je suis désolé(e) I'm sorry Politeness
Je suis perdu. I'm lost. Travel
Je t'adore I adore you Love language
Je t'aime (aussi) I love you (too) Love language
Je te présente .... I'd like to introduce... Introductions
je t'en prie it was my pleasure Politeness
un jeton token; (in a game) - counter, chip; (fam) - bang, dent MdJ - J
le jeu play, game MdJ - J
jeudi Thursday Calendar
Je vais bien I'm fine Greetings
Je vais prendre .... I'm going to have... Restaurant
Je voudrais .... I would like... Restaurant
Je voudrais parler à .... I'd like to speak to.... On the phone
Je vous en prie It was my pleasure Politeness
Je vous le passe. I'm transferring your call. On the phone
Je vous présente .... I'd like to introduce... Introductions
le jogging jogging Hobbies
joli (adj) - good-looking Descriptions
joliment (inf) really Très synonyms
jonché (adj) - littered, strewn with MdJ - J
Joseph Joseph French names
Joséphine Josephine French names
Josette French names
joual informal dialect of French spoken in Québec MdJ - J
la joue cheek Body
jouir de to enjoy; (slang) - to orgasm MdJ - J
des joujoux toys Baby talk
les jours de la semaine days of the week Calendar
joyeux noel
jucher to perch MdJ - J
juillet July Calendar
juin June Calendar
Jules Julius French names
Julie Julie French names
Julien Julian French names
Juliette Juliet French names
une jupe skirt Women's clothing
un jupon half slip Women's clothing
le jus juice Drinks
justement (adv) - exactly, rightly, just, in fact MdJ - J
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