The Auditory Learning Style - A Resource List

Resources for understanding the auditory learning style.

It's easy to become overwhelmed searching through the loads of information on the Internet concerning learning styles. We're collecting the best of the best to make it easier. This is our collection of resources for understanding the auditory learning style.

We'll continue adding to this list. If you have a site you find helpful and think it should be included in our collection, let us know.

Be sure to check out these resources:

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Auditory Learning

Bambu Productions - Getty Images
Bambu Productions - Getty Images

From Grace Fleming,'s Homework/Study Tips Expert, comes this article on auditory learners. She includes a review of the speech recognition tool that comes with many PCs. She also includes links to learning styles inventories.

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The Auditory Learning Style

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Kelly Roell, Test Prep Expert at, offers this article describing auditory learning and providing learning strategies for both students and teachers.

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Auditory Learning Strategies from ILSA

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We were impressed by the significant table of strategies this site includes for auditory learners. It comes from ILSA, International Learning Styles of Australasia. The ideas include mock courts and puppet shows, which we haven't seen on other lists. Nice to see something different.

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Auditory Learners

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Although this list from River Springs Charter School in Temecula, CA is intended for schoolchildren, its an easy-to-use list of ideas that apply to auditory learners of all ages.

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