Average MCAT Scores For Medical Schools Ranked 11 - 25

Average MCAT Scores for Great Medical Schools

*This information relates to the previous version of the MCAT. For information on the current MCAT, please see here. *

MCAT Score Frequently Asked Questions

If you've taken the MCAT and are wondering where your MCAT scores lie in comparison to students attending some of the top medical schools in the country, then take a look at these average MCAT scores.

Remember, that you have the possibility of earning a 3 on the low end and a 45 on the high end for your total score, and a 1-15 for each MCAT test section.

MCAT Scores for the Top 10 Medical Schools in the Country

Average MCAT Scores for Top 11 - 25 Medical Schools

Average MCAT Scores for Accepted Students
Medical SchoolAverage/SectionAverage Total Score
University of Chicago10.331
University of Pittsburgh1133
University of California – San Diego11.735
University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill10.331
University of Texas – Dallas11.735
University of Virginia - Charlottesville1133
University of Alabama – Birmingham1030
New York University11.735
Ohio State University1133