Average National SAT Scores for 2014

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In 2014, 1,672,395 of you high-schoolers out there registered and took the SAT, which is the largest number of test-takers in recent history. And now that you've taken it, I'd wager that you're interested in knowing what sorts of scores your fellow college applicants have earned. Am I right? If you're anything like students before you (and probably those who will come after you, too), you want to know how you stack up! Below, you'll read several fun facts (and some shocking ones, too!) about the average national SAT scores for 2014.

For some of you, you'll be interested in knowing the average SAT scores for students entering the top public schools in the country, and others of you will be curious about scores for the top private schools. If you're just interested in SAT scores in general, then keep on reading, okay? Okay.

Overall SAT Scores for 2014

Remember the math term, "mean"? Of course you do! It's just the average of a set of numbers. In this case, the mean is the average score of every student who took the SAT from the fall of 2013 through June of 2014. The overall score is down by just 1 point this year. 

Here are the mean scores for all testers by section:

SAT Scores By Gender

Well, it looks like the boys have taken it again this year in everything but the Writing section, ladies! Girls, you need to get it together! The boys are taking you to town on the Mathematics section!

  • Critical Reading:
    Males: 499
    Females: 495
  • Mathematics:
    Males: 530
    Females: 499
  • Writing:
    Males: 481
    Females: 492

SAT Scores By Reported Annual Income

It seems, kids, that if your parents are raking in the dough, then your odds of scoring higher on the SAT go up. Just check out the statistics. Now, be sure to use your best reasoning skills. This doesn't mean that kids with a little more cash are the smartest on the block. What else could those numbers imply? Perhaps parents with more wealth are more willing to purchase SAT prep? Perhaps they are more willing to shell out the moolah for retakes? I don't know. We could conjecture all day on this subject, but the stats do not lie; parents making more money produce kids with higher SAT scores. Look:

  • $0 - $20,000
    • Critical Reading: 436
    • Math: 459
  • $20,000 - $40,000
    • Critical Reading: 467
    • Math: 481
  • $40,000 - $60,000
    • Critical Reading: 489
    • Math: 500
  • $60,000 - $80,000
    • Critical Reading: 504
    • Math: 512
  • $80,000 - $100,000
    • Critical Reading: 516
    • Math: 526
  • $100,000 - $120,000
    • Critical Reading: 527
    • Math: 539
  • $120,000 - $140,000
    • Critical Reading: 531
    • Math: 542
  • $140,000 - $160,000
    • Critical Reading: 539
    • Math: 552
  • $160,000 - $200,000
    • Critical Reading: 544
    • Math: 558
  • $200,000 and more
    • Critical Reading: 569
    • Math: 588

SAT Scores By Ethnicity

Although there is no causal relationship between ethnicity and scores, it's interesting to take a peek at the differences among us when it comes to test-taking. Here are the mean overall scores by heritage.

  • American Indian or Alaska Native: 1428
  • Asian, Asian-American or Pacific Islander: 1651
  • Black of African-American: 1278
  • Mexican or Mexican-American: 1354
  • Puerto Rican: 1349
  • Other Hispanic, Latino, or Latin-American: 1353
  • White: 1576
  • Other: 1504
  • No response: 1371


2014 SAT Scores Summary

So, it would appear that if you'd really like to knock the SAT out of the ballpark, you'd better join a family who makes more than $200,000 per year, make sure to secure the male gender, and adopt the Asian ethnicity. If that doesn't work, you could always prepare regardless of your ethnic heritage or familial status. These statistics represent the mean, but do not, of course represent the individual - YOU. If you have nothing in common with the groups scoring the highest on the SAT, it does NOT mean that you can't secure a top-notch score. Start with some free SAT practice quizzes, grab some free SAT apps, and prepare yourself the best way you can. Good luck!