A Guide to the Compound Conjugations of Avoir

The verb avoir means to have

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The verb "avoir" (to have) is one of the main irregular verbs in French. Like the other irregular verbs, the conjugation of avoir doesn't follow the same patterns as other verbs, so getting a handle the proper use of this verb requires a fair amount of memorization. There are two kinds of conjugations in French: simple and compound. Here are the compound tenses (and conjugations) of the verb avoir, which are generally used to describe something in the past tense.

 Passé composéPluperfectPast subjunctive
j'ai euavais euaie eu
tuas euavais euaies eu
ila euavait euait eu
nous avons euavions euayons eu
vousavez euaviez euayez eu
ilsont euavaient euaient eu
 Future perfectConditional perfect Pluperfect subjunctive
j'aurai euaurais eueusse eu
tuauras euaurais eueusses eu
ilaura euaurait eueût eu
nousaurons euaurions eueussions eu
vousaurez euauriez eueussiez eu
ilsauront euauraient eueussent eu
 Past anteriorConditional perfect, 2nd form 
j'eus eueusse eu 
tueus eueusses eu 
ileut eueût eu 
nouseûmes eueussions eu 
vouseûtes eueussiez eu 
ilseurent eueussent eu 
 Past imperativePast infinitivePerfect participle
tuaie euavoir euayant eu
nousayons eu   
vousayez eu