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Avon History: 1886 - 1937

Over 120 years old, Avon was founded in 1886 in New York City as the California Perfume Company. It didn't take long for "CPC" to reach 10,000 representatives in 1906. That same year, 1906, was when the first color brochure was distributed.

In 1928 the company boasted 25,000 representatives and introduced the first products under the name of Avon. In 1937 the company's name officially changed to Avon Products, Inc.

Most Popular Collectibles

Avon has a list of the most popular and best-selling collectibles, in order, they are figurines, dolls, plush products, collector's plates, ornaments, and steins.

"Official" Avon collectibles are offered through the company and will include "Exclusive" or "first-to-market" items. According to Avon "these often come with certificates of Avon authenticity. They can also be branded or licensed products, numbered items such as Avon Steins, seasonal/sentimental dated items, or items designed exclusively, internally, by Avon".

Avon's Pictures and Prices

People who have collected for years might be disappointed in the prices of Avon bottles and decanters. The prices are not high, but on the other side, that also makes for an affordable collectible for those starting out.

This is an interesting collector's site with numerous pictures and prices of various Avon collectibles.

First Novelty Containers

According to The Glass Menagerie, the first novelty containers were introduced in the 1960s and the first glass car decanter was sold in 1968. Avon jewelry was introduced in 1971.

Collectibles Yes, Valuable No

Cologne decanters, figurines, jewelry, plates, dolls -- Avon has produced a lot of pieces over the years that at the time might have seemed like a great thing to build a collection.

If you love them, they are, if you bought in the hopes of values going up. It just didn't happen.

That being said, there are several series that are popular with collectors, even if the values aren't high. The Avon Nativity set pieces are always near the top of the list when looking at Avon, licensed pieces can bring a higher price, as well as the porcelain Seasons in Bloom series, but I feel they probably still aren't at the original price.

Avon's Cape Cod dinnerware set is another popular collectible, the bigger pieces sell well on eBay and online, but usually well below their original values.

As with many things collecting -- it holds true if you like it, collect it. But not for investment value!

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