40 "Back From Christmas Break" Writing Prompts

For Elementary Students

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Christmas break is over and now its time to get back into the swing of things. Your students will be very eager to talk about all that they did and received over the holiday break. A great way to give them the opportunity to discuss their adventures is to write about it.

Christmas Break Writing Prompts

  1. What was the best gift that you received and why?
  2. What was the best gift that you gave, and what made it so special?
  3. Write about a place that you went over the Christmas break.
  4. Write about something you did with your family over Christmas break.
  5. How did you bring joy or happiness to someone other than your family this holiday season?
  6. What are your family's holiday traditions? Describe all of them in detail.
  7. What is your favorite Christmas book? Did you get to read it over break?
  8. Are there any parts of the holiday that you didn't like? Describe why.
  9. What are you most grateful for this holiday season?
  10. What was your favorite holiday food that you had over break?
  11. Who was the person you spent the most time with and why? What did you do with them?
  12. What would you do if Christmas, Hannukah, or Kwanza was canceled this year?
  13. What is your favorite holiday song to sing? Did you get a chance to sing it?
  14. What did you miss the most about school when you were on break and why?
  15. What was one new thing you did this holiday break that you didn't do last year?
  16. What will you miss the most about Christmas vacation and why?
  17. Did you get to see a movie over winter break? What was it and how was it? Give it a rating.
  18. Think of three New Year's resolutions and describe them and how you will keep them.
  19. How will you change your life this year? Describe the steps you are going to take.
  20. Write about the best New Year's Eve party that you have ever attended.
  21. What did you do for New Year's Eve? Describe in detail your day and night.
  22. Write about something you are looking forward to doing this year and why.
  23. Write about something you hope will get invented this year that will change your life.
  24. This will be the best year because…
  25. I hope that this year brings me….
  26. Make a list of five ways your life is different this year than it was last year.
  27. It's the day after Christmas and you noticed you forgot to unwrap just one gift…
  28. This year I really want to learn….
  29. In the next year, I would like to….
  30. My least favorite thing about Christmas break was…
  31. List three places you wish you could have visited over winter break and why.
  32. If you had a million dollars, how would you spend it over winter break?
  33. What if Christmas only lasted one hour? Describe what it would be like.
  34. What if Christmas break was for one three days, how would you spend it?
  35. Describe your favorite holiday food and how you can incorporate that food into every meal?
  36. Write a letter to Santa thanking him for everything you received.
  37. Write a letter to the toy company about a defective toy you received.
  38. Write a letter to your parents thanking them for everything you received for Christmas,
  39. If you were an elf how would you spend your Christmas vacation?
  40. Pretend you are Santa and describe how you will spend your Christmas break.

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