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My Back To School Goals Worksheet

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Guess Who I Am Worksheet

Each student fills in the worksheet. They are then shuffled and handed out to the class. Each student has to find the student they have the worksheet for.Print PDF Worksheet

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Back To School Means..........(Concept Web)

Graphic organizers are great thinking tools - especially for those learning disabled students. Here's something they can feel successful about doing. Print PDF Worksheet

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Compare and Contrast Your Summer Vacation with a New Classmate

Students select somebody they don't know, they fill in this Venn.Print PDF Worksheet

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Back To School Bingo - Icebreaker

A terrific icebreaker. Students find somebody who loves to sing...has allergies....loves math....etc.Print PDF Worksheet

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Fact or Fantasy

Students fill out facts and fantasies about each other and then play the game of truth or not. Another great icebreaker! Print PDF Worksheet

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A great back to school activity. Students write a pattern story something like 'Fortunately I got to ride by bike this summer, unfortunately I broke my leg, fortunately the cast was only on for 3 weeks, unfortunately it rained every day after........ Print PDF Worksheet

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Interview Somebody New!

A child must fill in an interview on a child they don't know. Then children give a 'broadcast' about the person they interviewed. For example....Coming to you live from _____ is_____ who likes______etc. Print PDF Worksheet

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