Worksheets for Back to School Goal Setting

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Let's face it: our students live in atomized, distracted worlds of handheld devices, constantly shifting social relationships and changing mores and attitudes.  An important way to become successful is to understand how to self-monitor and choose the success that you desire. Our students, especially students with learning disabilities, really need support to succeed.

Teaching students to set goals is a life skill that will be helpful throughout their academic career. Setting realistic, time-sensitive goals often requires direct teaching. The goal setting worksheets here will help students become more adept at goal setting. Attainment of goals will require ongoing planning and monitoring.

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Setting Goals Worksheet # 1

Setting Goals Worksheet #1
Setting Goals Worksheet #1. S. Watson

Like any skill, the skill needs to be modeled and then demonstrated. This goal setting sheet basks the student to identify two general goals. As a teacher, you will want to specify:

  • Will the student be accountable for these goals to a parent, the teacher, or a peer?
  • Will all students be asked to designate the same time frame?  Or will some be one-week goals and some one-month goals?
  • Is there reinforcement for achieving goals?  Even just recognition? 
  • Will students share out goals in small groups?  Will they read and "edit" each other's goals?  This will call on important social skills, including collaboration and constructive feedback.  

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Setting Goals Worksheet # 2

Setting Goals Worksheet #2
Setting Goals Worksheet #2. S. Watson

This graphic organizer helps students visualize the steps of goal setting and being accountable for meeting goals.  It encourages students to think about achievable, measurable goals and the support they need to meet these goals. 

Model the Goal Setting

Use the form in a group setting and start with a silly goal:  how about "Eating a whole half gallon of ice cream in one sitting." 

What is a reasonable amount of time to develop this skill?  A week?  Two weeks?
What three steps do you need to take to eat a whole half gallon ice cream in one sitting?  Skipping snacks between meals?  Running up and down the stairs twenty times to build an appetite?  Can I set a "half-way goal?"
How do I know I have successfully completed the goal? What will help me get to the goal?  Are you really scrawny and figure putting on a little "heft" is desirable?  Will you win an ice cream eating contest?

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Setting Goals Worksheet # 3

Setting Goals Worksheet #3
Setting Goals Worksheet #3. S. Watson

This goal setting worksheet is designed to help students focus on behavioral and academic goals for the classroom. Setting the expectation that every student will maintain one academic and one behavioral goal will prompt students to keep "the eye on the prize" in terms of understanding accomplishment. 

The first time students set these two goals they will need a lot of direction since often their difficulty has to do with behavior or academic ability and they may not see it. They just don't know what they can change, and they just don't know what it means or looks like. Giving them concrete examples would help:​


  • Remember to raise my hand when I want to join a discussion 8 out of 10 trials.
  • Get to class on time 4 out of 5 days each week.


  • Improve my spelling scores to 80 percent.
  • Increase the length of my sentences in my journal entries to a mean of 10 words.

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