Back To School Icebreakers, Worksheets, and Resources

Free Printable Resources to Help You Start Your Year

Students raising hands

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There are lots of fun resources to get your school year started. For more ideas, especially classroom management tools, check out the Back to School Toolkit.

Icebreaker Worksheets

These worksheets give your students lots of things to think about, lots of things to share with their classmates and opportunities to consider the kind of year they are going to have.

Be sure you also plan some time for collaboration, opportunities for students to compare their answers and perhaps starting doing some "grouping of their own.  

Classroom Management

These resources also include articles with ideas for building classroom structure, routines and a comprehensive plan for classroom management. The first sheet may even help your students help you formulate the routines your classroom will need to run efficiently. 

IEP Help

As a special educator, IEP's will always have to have a place near the top of the list. These resources should help you prepare your classroom and build the infrastructure that will support your student's needs.