10 Backpack Features

For Comfort, Security, and Style

If you're looking for a backpack for back to school, you should take a moment to consider which features mean the most to you. After all, there's no point in buying a great-looking bag if it doesn't have the safety and security features you need!

For some students, style is the top priority, and there are lots of great designer bags out there! But others may be more interested in finding a bag that's secure or comfortable to carry.

Read over these 10 common backpack features before you make a purchase. Make sure your money is well-spent!

  1. Wheels and a long handle: Rolling backpacks can be great for taking the load off-but only when the handle is long enough for comfort. If kids have to bend over to pull it along, it defeats the purpose of easing back stress.
  2. Wide, padded straps: Padded straps provide extra comfort on the shoulders. Avoid bags with thin straps that can cut into the skin.
  3. Lots of compartments: A kid-friendly backpack will have lots of compartments in various sizes. This enables you to spread the weight around and avoid strain from trying to balance a bottom-heavy bag.
  4. "S" straps: Ergonomic S-curved straps help spread the weight around and give arms extra flexibility and maneuverability.
  5. Magnetic flaps: Avoid frustration with easy-to-access pockets and quick-release latches. This is a great feature for kids on the go.
  1. Waist strap: A strap around the waistband adds extra stability and reduces stress on those delicate shoulders and necks.
  2. Pockets for pencils and pens: It's easy to stay organized when there's a designated space for every tool. Make sure your backpack has a special place for all special tools-to avoid the "dump and search" system.
  1. Waterproof media pouch: If your child needs to carry around a cell phone or an MP3, the waterproof pouch is a necessity.
  2. Water bottle pouch: Keep a water bottle on hand to stay hydrated and to cut down on temptations from sugar-filled drinks.
  3. Lockable zippers: If security is a concern, be sure to find a backpack with lockable zipper heads-with holes large enough to enable the user to slip a small lock wire through.
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