Bag Boy Revolver Pro Cart Bag Review

BagBoy Revolver Pro Cart Bag
Courtesy of BagBoy; used with permission

(Editor's Note: The Bag Boy Revolver Pro golf bag was released in 2009, an update to the original Bag Boy Revolver that the company introduced three years earlier. The Revolver Pro was a full-featured cart bag with a unique calling card: Its top rotated 360-degrees, allowing the golfer to bring the desired club around to him. Below is our review of the Bag Boy Revolver Pro that was originally published on March 3, 2009.)

Review: Bag Boy Revolver Pro Cart Bag


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to access all clubs
  • Secure individual club clips
  • Detachable cooler bag
  • Copious inside and outside storage compartments


  • Club openings might be tight for jumbo size grips

The 'Swiss Army Knife' of Golf Bags

While looking for new irons, a driver or putter, few of us think about replacing our golf bag. You know, that old ripped thing that Cousin Eric lent you and you never returned - the one with the old college gym towel and the smell to match.

Well, this season, get your gear into a new bag. A great one to put your gear into is the Bag Boy Revolver Pro. The original Revolver has been on the scene for three years, but the Pro takes the features of the original, adds to and refines them for a truly special golf bag. It wouldn't be a stretch to call the Revolver Pro the "Swiss army knife" of golf bags.

Putting the 'Revolver' in 'Bag Boy Revolver Pro'

At first sighting, this cart bag looks sharp. Clean lines, contemporary colors and plenty of pockets. Look more closely and you'll find that Bag Boy really had their team of engineers working overtime with all the great features they have put into the Revolver Pro.

The most visible feature and the one that inspires the name of this model is the innovative top design. Imagine a Lazy Susan for your golf bag. That's the concept behind the Revolver Pro - 360 degrees of rotation. (I wish I could do that in my swing!) The golfer is able to quickly twist the easy movable organizer in either direction and get to the club they need.

Each of 14 slots has a Grip Lok built into it which immobilizes club movement, making the Revolver Pro silent on a golf cart or making its way to the bag drop from the parking lot. The slot "grabs" the club yet it is able to revolve without any hitches within the Revolver mechanism.

Satchels, Pouches, and Wells, Oh My

As for the other features, there is a detachable satchel at the back of the unit. It's secured by means of twist anchors and Velcro. This is useful in a variety of ways; there is a large magnetic pouch which is insulated and holds several bottles of liquid refreshment at a cool temperature. Below that is a zippered pouch ideal for just about anything from tees to extra socks. The whole unit has a reinforced handle, which upon detachment is a convenient carrier for the aforementioned beverages.

Just behind the removable satchel are two hard-formed "wells." These can hold anything from your favorite wedge to putter or any other club. Between the placement of the two wells is a multifunctioning area which not only securely holds tees and balls, but has two pockets at just the right level for things such as gloves and valuables. The valuables pocket is lined, which is a nice touch for watches and (if you must have them) cell phones.

A sturdy, yet flexible grab handle and a wide cart-securement loop rounds out the bag.

More Features of the Bag Boy Revolver Pro Cart Bag

As for the rest of the bag, there are four large pockets on the sides. One of the pockets has another separate zippered compartment as well as an internal hang strap for keys and such. The incredible list of features continues on the outside with a well-designed carabineer-like strap and a generously padded shoulder strap.

And while this bag is designed for the cart - either powered or walking (there are no folding legs like you would find on a stand bag) - the Revolver is certainly light enough on trips from the 18th to the 19th holes.

I feel the need for a summation since the Revolver Pro's highly useful features are so numerous. But, suffice to say, while you look eagerly at upgrading your equipment for the coming season, don't overlook the golf bag - especially one as functional and good-looking as the Revolver Pro.

Finding Bag Boy Revolver Pro Today

The Revolver Pro golf bag by Bag Boy is no longer in production today. However, you may still be able to find this specific bag on the secondary market or through re-sellers.

Meanwhile, Bag Boy does make a newer version of the Revolver - visit for details.