soldier kissing pope's hand
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Definition: (old-fashioned) to kiss

Les hommes ne baisent plus les mains des femmes - Men don't kiss women's hands anymore (​hand-kissing gesture)

Note: Baiser is also a vulgar slang term, depending on the context. In the above sentence, it is obvious that baiser means kiss. In a sentence like Il m'a baisée, of course, the listener would hear "He f...ed me." Basically, if you have any doubts, find another verb for kiss, like embrasser.

(vulgar slang) - to outdo, to be had; to have sex

Il s'est fait baiser - He was really had/outdone

Related: un baiser - kiss; le baisement - kissing (e.g., the Pope's hand)

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Pronunciation: [beh zay]

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