Baldwin Pianos - A Guide to Piano Brands

Name of Piano Brand:

Baldwin, named after Dwight Hamilton Baldwin, a violin and reed organ teacher.

Year Started:

In 1862 Baldwin opened a music store in Cincinnati, Ohio but the first Baldwin piano (an upright) was introduced in 1891.

Early Awards:


  • 1900 - Grand Prix Award, International Exhibition in Paris
  • 1904 - Top honors, St. Louis Exposition
  • 1914 - Top honors, London’s Anglo-American Exposition


Notable People Who Used a Baldwin Piano:


  • Bela Bartok
  • Igor Stravinsky
  • Aaron Copland
  • Liberace
  • President Harry Truman.


Other Brands Owned by Baldwin:

Cable, Chickering, Ellington, Hamilton, Howard, Kranick & Bach and Wurlitzer.

Notable Models:

The Baldwin grand piano was introduced in 1895. In 1936 the Baldwin Acrosonic vertical piano was introduced. In 1939 the Baldwin Hamilton studio piano was unveiled. In 1984, the Baldwin Model 6000 Concert Vertical piano was introduced. In 1985 Baldwin, under the managament of Lucien Wulsin II, unveiled the SD10 Concert Grand.

Newer Products:

In 1995 the Baldwin Pianovelle digital piano was unveiled. In 1997 they introduced the Baldwin ConcertMaster Complete Player System. The Baldwin ConcertMaster Compact Disc player piano system came out in 1999. In 2002 they introduced the four-tiered Baldwin Custom Grand Piano Program.

Interesting Fact:

When Dwight Hamilton Baldwin died in August 23, 1899, Lucien Wulsin, his bookeeper and partner took over.

In the 1920's his son, Lucien Wulsin II, was named president of the company, his brother, Lucien Wulsin III would take over in 1961. In 2001 Gibson Guitar Corp. bought the assets. It is now managed by Gibson with headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee.

Did You Know?:

When World War 2 broke out, Baldwin constructed wooden aircraft wings as well as other aircraft parts.

Their experience in constructing aircraft wings became the basis of their 41-ply maple piano pinblock.

Company Website:

Visit them at Baldwin