Ball Lightning Stories

R.C. is intrigued by ball lightning and has a story of his own about the phenomenon

In reference to the New Zealand scientist's inability to explain, control or create ball lightning, they are quite a bit behind the times. I do lot of video recording from the TV, mostly from the Discovery Channel or A&E, and mostly science and paranormal.

Not long ago, I taped a segment on Japanese or Chinese scientists who were able to not only create, but control ball lightning in the laboratory.

They had a complex setup where they had a cage and a magnetic field in which they created a luminous ball and maneuvered it up and down.

The most sensational thing they did was they inserted a ceramic disk in the center of the cage and attempted to move the ball toward the ceramic disk. (The disk appeared to be about three to four inches in diameter and a half an inch or better thick.) Well surprise, surprise! The ball went completely through the disk as if it was not there with no damage to the disk.

Also, once when I was a child, I was sitting on a porch during the beginning of a thunderstorm, when across the street a woman was walking along the sidewalk. A fiery ball appeared in the air about 30 feet above her head and slowly descended as if floating in slow motion to the ground. When it touched the sidewalk, it caused a miniature explosion and was gone in a puff of smoke. It landed not 10 feet from the woman and she screamed in fear but was not hurt.

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