What is the Ruling When a Ball Struck from Off the Green ...

... Comes to Rest Pinned Between the Cup and the Flagstick?

You're playing a shot from off the green. Your ball rolls right at the cup. You just know it's going in. Then it hits the flagstick and ... just hangs there. Stuck. Pinned between the flagstick and the cup. Neither in nor out.

What's the ruling?

It's found in Rule 17-4. Carefully remove the flagstick. If you've been living right, the ball will drop into the cup and your previous shot is considered holed.

But if you've been a bad boy or girl and, somehow, some way, the ball fails to drop into the cup, you must place the ball on the lip of the cup and putt out.

(The answer to this question only applies to shots from off the green because it's a penalty to leave the flagstick in on shots from on the putting surface.)

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