Twelve Types of Ballroom Dances

People all over the world enjoy the social and competitive nature of ballroom dancing. Ballroom dances are partner dances enjoyed socially and competitively worldwide. The following 12 ballroom dances are popular on dance floors, on stages, in films, and on television. How many of these ballroom dances are you familiar with?

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Cha cha dance
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The Cha Cha is a lively, flirtatious ballroom dance full of passion and energy. The classic "Cuban motion" gives the Cha Cha its unique style. Partners work together to synchronize each movement in perfect alignment.

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The Foxtrot is a ballroom dance that is lots of fun and simple to excellent dance for beginners. The Foxtrot is a smooth dance in which dancers make long, flowing movements across the floor.

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Jive dance
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Jive is a ballroom dance style that originated in the United States from African-Americans. It is a lively form of Swing dance and a variation of the Jitterbug.

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Lindy Hop
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The Lindy Hop is the ballroom dance considered to be the father of all Swing dances. It is known for its unique, athletic style, and often contains aerial jumps, twists, and flips.

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The Mambo is one of the most sensual and emotional Latin American ballroom dances. Swaying hip movements, facial expressions, arm movements and holds all add to the sensuality of the dance.

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Paso doble
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The Paso Doble is one of the liveliest ballroom dances, originating in southern France. It is modeled after the sound, drama, and movement of the Spanish bullfight.

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The Quickstep is a quick version of the Foxtrot. It is a ballroom dance comprised of extremely quick stepping, syncopated feet rhythms, and runs of quick steps. The Quickstep is exciting to watch but among the most difficult of all the ballroom dances.

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The Rumba is considered by many to be the most romantic and sensual of all Latin ballroom dances. It is often referred to as the "Grandfather of the Latin dances."

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Possibly the most popular of all Brazilian ballroom dances, the Samba is popular with young people as well as older generations. The Samba can be performed solo or with a partner.

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Tango dancers
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The Tango is one of the most fascinating of all ballroom dances. This sensual ballroom dance originated in South America in the early twentieth century.

Viennese Waltz
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The Viennese Waltz is a quick rotating ballroom dance with a subtle rise and fall. It is considered by most to be one of the most difficult dances to learn. The simple and elegant rotational movement characterizes the Viennese Waltz.

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The Waltz is one of the smoothest ballroom dances. It is a progressive dance marked by long, flowing movements, continuous turns, and "rise and fall." The dance is so graceful and elegant, Waltz dancers appear to glide around the floor with almost no effort.