BARNES Name Meaning and Origin

The Barnes surname typically relates to a barn, either someone who worked in or lived in or near a barn of significance.
The Barnes surname typically relates to a barn, either someone who worked in or lived in or near a barn of significance. Getty / ThinkStock

The common Barnes surname is often of topographical origin, deriving from the Middle English barn, for "barn" or "granary," and meaning "of the barn" (barley house). The use of the name was generally associated with a significant barn in the local region. Barnes may also be an occupational surname for someone who worked in a barn.

An alternative origin for the Barnes last name may be suggested by the parish of Barnes in Aberdeenshire, Scotland which derives its name from the Gaelic word bearn, meaning "gap."

Barnes was the 101st most common last name in the United States at the time of the 2000 U.S. census.

Surname Origin: English, Scottish

Alternate Surname Spellings: BARNS, BERNES

Famous People with the Surname BARNES:

  • Jim Barnes - English golfer and first winner of the PGA championship
  • Brenda Barnes - Former president of PepsiCo North America

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