Baseball statistics glossary

Stats, abbreviations and formulas used in baseball and softball

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Statistics play as important a role in baseball as any sportĀ and have been kept since the sport was created in the 1800s. Using statistics, players from different eras and teams can be compared and evaluated.

Following are basic statistics used for book-keeping in baseball and softball, with explanations of how they are derived.

(For some more advanced terms, see this glossary of terms and stats used in sabermetrics.)


1B: Single

2B: Double

3B: Triple

AB: At-bat

BA or AVG: Batting average (hits divided by at-bats)

BB: Walks (base on balls)

FC: Fielder's choice (when a fielder chooses to try an out on another runner, not the batter)

G: Games played

GDP: Grounded into double play

H: Hits

IBB: Intentional walks

HBP: Hit by pitch

K: Strikeouts

LOB: Left on base

OBP: On-base percentage (H+BB+HBP divided by AB+BB+HBP+SF)

RBI: Runs batted in

RISP: Runner in scoring position

SF: Sacrifice fly

SH: Sacrifice hit (bunts)

SLG: Slugging percentage

TB: Total bases


CS: Caught stealing

SB: Stolen base

R: Runs scored


BB: Walks (base on balls)

BB/K: Walks to strikeouts ratio (BB times 9 divided by innings pitched)

BK: Balks

BS: Blown saves (when a pitcher enters the game in a save situation but leaves without the lead)

CG: Complete game

ER: Earned run (runs that scored without the aid of an error or passed ball)

ERA: Earned run average (total earned runs times number of innings in a game, typically 9, divided by innings pitched)

IBB: Intentional walks

HBP: Hit by pitch

G: Games

GF: Games finished

GS: Starts

H: Hits allowed

H/9: Hits per nine innings (hits times 9 divided by IP)

HB: Hit batsman

HLD: Holds (also sometimes H, when a player enters a game in a save situation, records at least one out, does not surrender the lead and does not complete the game)

HR: Home runs

IBB: Intentional walks

K: Strikeouts (sometimes abbreviated SO)

K/BB: Strikeout-to-walk ratio (K divided by BB)

L: Loss

OBA: Opponents batting average

SHO: Shutout (CG with no runs allowed)

SV: Save (sometimes abbreviated S; when a pitcher enters a game with the lead, finishes the game without surrendering the lead and is not the winning pitcher. The lead must be three runs or fewer; or the potential tying run was on-base, at bat or on deck; or the pitcher pitched three or more innings)

W: Wins

WP: Wild pitches


A: Assists

CI: Catcher's interference

DP: Double plays

E: Errors

FP: Fielding percentage

PB: Passed ball (when a catcher drops a ball and one or more runners advance)