Basic Parts of Speech Quiz

Here's a quiz on parts of speech for lower level learners

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1. My - cousins - live in New Orleans.
2. He bought - them - a new football.
3. There are - happy - students in the class.
4. We're going to sing and - play - games at the camp.
5. He is an extremely - intelligent - boy.
6. There is a bank just - beyond - the shopping mall.
7. He visited - his - sister in New York.
8. She drives very - carelessly -.
9. That boy - studies - Latin in high school.
10. Those - huge - houses cost more than one million dollars.
11. We have a lot of interesting people in my - neighborhood -.
12. You can have pancakes - or - waffles for breakfast.
13. Alison is - from - Los Angeles.
14. Are those - Italian - shoes?
15. I've lived in this town - for - many years.
16. I think - nobody - wants to come with me.
17. That's his house - across - the street.
18. - Asia - has become the manufacturing capitol of the world.
19. He spoke very - quietly -.
20. - Oh! - That's a difficult question.
Basic Parts of Speech Quiz
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Congratulations! You know your parts of speech very well. That will help you as you continue to learn English. 

Basic Parts of Speech Quiz
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Good job! You've identified most parts of speech in this exercise. You'll need to keep working to identify all of them, but you've made a great start. 

Basic Parts of Speech Quiz
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 You'll have to continue to study basic parts of speech. It's difficult to learn, but knowing parts of speech will help you learn English more quickly.