Battle of Atlanta

William Tecumseh Sherman, Union General
William Tecumseh Sherman, Union General. NARA/Public Domain


July 22, 1864

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Atlanta, Georgia

Key Individuals Involved in the Battle of Atlanta:

Union: Major General William T. Sherman
Confederate: General John Bell Hood


Union Victory. 12,140 casualties of which 8,499 were Union soldiers.

Overview of the Battle:

After the Battle of Peachtree Creek which was fought in Georgia on July 20, 1864, General John Hood decided to attack Major General James McPherson's Army of the Tennessee.

Hood left the main army in the middle of the night, moving to Atlanta's inner line. General William Sherman decided to follow this army. At the same time, Hood had William Hardee take his corps fifteen miles away to strike the Union's unprotected left and rear which was located east of Atlanta. 

Confederate Major General Joseph Wheeler was sent to attack further out against Sherman's supply line. General Frank Cheatham was sent to attack the Union's front. However, Hood made a severe miscalculation of the time Hardee's march would take, and they didn't attack until later in the afternoon. Even though Sherman had been outmaneuvered, McPherson sent reserves of Grenville Dodge's XVI Army Corps to protect his left flank. Two of Hood's division were repulsed when they met these reserves. Thus, the Confederate attack stopped at the rear. About this time, McPherson was killed when a Confederate soldier shot the general as he observed the fight.


Despite this, the Union forces held throughout the day. At about 4 PM, General Chetham's corps were finally able to break through the Union front, but General Sherman used twenty artillery units near his headquarters to attack the Confederates. This bombardment stopped their drive forward. Soon after, Major General John A.

Logan's XV Army Corps led a counterattack. This counterattack restored the Union line. Hood's troops suffered huge casualties, and the Union troops held. 

Source: CWSAC Battle Summaries

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