How to Be a Better Elementary School Teacher

10 Ways to be a Better Teacher Today

While you have spent years learning your craft, there is always room for improvement. We are always looking for ways to make our students better learners, but how often do we step back and take a look at how we can improve? Here are some articles to help you sharpen your skills.

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Most people write their educational philosophy while they are in college. What you once thought about education, may not be how you feel today. Take a look at your statement once again. Do you still believe in the same things as you did back then? More »

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 Some of the best books for educators are the ones that delve into subjects that give great insight to topics that will transform the way we think. These topics are often controversial or popular in the media. Here we will take a look at three books that offer great knowledge, insight, and strategies for the way teachers can educate our youth. More »

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The role of a teacher is to help students apply concepts, such as math, English, and science through classroom instruction and presentations. Their role is also to prepare lessons, grade papers, manage the classroom, meet with parents, and work closely with school staff. Being a teacher is much more than just executing lesson plans, they also carry the role of a surrogate parent, disciplinarian, mentor, counselor, book keeper, role model, planner and many more. In today's world a teacher's role is a multifaceted profession.  More »

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 As a teacher, it's part of the job description to keep up with the latest in educational innovations. If we didn't, how would we keep our students' interest? Technology is growing at a very rapid pace. It seems like everyday there is some new gadget that will help us learn better and faster. Here we will take a look at the technology trends for 2014 for the K-5 classroom. More »

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 At this day and age, it's hard to keep up with the must-have tech tools for education. It seems like a new device to help us learn quicker and better comes out every week. With the ever-changing technology, it can seem like an uphill battle to know what is the best way to integrate the latest technology into your classroom. Here we will take a look what are the best tech tools for student learning. More »

Building a classroom community will students connect to others. Photo Dave Nagel/Getty Images

In today's world students idea of socializing is online with their friends on Facebook and Twitter. Children as young as eight and nine years old are using these social networking sites! Build a classroom community that prioritizes human interaction, communication, respect, and cooperation. More »

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Just like in every occupation, education has a list or set of words it uses when referring to specific educational entities. These buzzwords are used freely and frequently in the educational community. Whether you are a veteran teacher or just starting out, it is essential to keep up with the latest educational jargon. Study these words, their meaning, and how you would implement them into your classroom.  More »

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As teachers, we often find ourselves in situations where our students are being uncooperative or disrespectful to others. To eliminate this behavior, it's important to address it before it becomes a problem. A great way to do this is by using a few simple behavior management strategies that will help promote appropriate behaviorMore »

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Improve Learning with Hands-on Activities

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 Studies have shown that children learn better, and retain information quicker when they are given a variety of ways to learn.Change up your normal routine of worksheets and textbooks and allow students to experiment with a few hands-on science activities.

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 Remember when you were a child and kindergarten was a time to play and learn to tie your shoes? Well times have changed and it seems like all we hear about today is the common core standards and how politicians are pushing for students to be "college ready." How can we make learning fun again? Here are ten ways to help you engage students and make learning fun. More »

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