BedSlide 1000 Pro SE Review

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About the BedSlide 1000 Pro SE

BedSlide 1000 Pro SE Review
BedSlide locked in two positions. Click image for a full size view. © Dale Wickell

BedSlide Review

The BedSlide 1000 Pro SE is one option -- a unit that mounts in the truck bed and slides easily in and out for handy access to all cargo. The blue bin in the back of my truck is within easy reach in the photos above, but take a look at the bin's position before the the slide was pulled out.

No matter whether you're a contractor hauling tools, saws and other equipment, or someone who makes monthly trips to the local big box discount store to stock up on supplies, the BedSlide can help save your back and knees from sore muscles and scuffed knees caused by reaching and crawling. With a 1000 pound capacity, you can even haul heavy items, such as a generator or washer and dryer, loading and unloading them with the slide extended.

Assembling the BedSlide

BedSlide's instructions are easy to follow -- most of the slide comes assembled, right out of the box (component photo on page 3; The only reason assembly is a two-person job is due the unit's weight.

After assembly, we slid the unit into the truck bed. I didn't drill holes in the bed for a permanent mount, because the review unit was shipped back to the manufacturer. But attaching the slide appears to be a simple process: drill four holes in the bed, install four rivnuts using the supplied tool and then secure the BedSlide to the truck by screwing bolts into the rivnuts. The final assembly steps should take about 30 minutes.

BedSlide 1000 Pro SE Construction

  • The BedSlide is constructed of heavy exterior grade plywood with a rubberized, skid-proof coating to keeps cargo from sliding around; plywood is mounted to laser cut steel framework.
  • The unit glides on rollers within the framework.
  • A full-width handle just behind the tailgate lets you pull the slide out from the center or from either side.
  • The BedSlide locks in four different positions: all the way in, all the way out, and with two stops in-between, preventing the slide from moving around during loading and unloading cargo. A smaller handle sets and releases the locks.
  • Heavy duty tie-down cleats.

Load Capacity and Warranty

Additional units are available, with load limits ranging from 800 to 2,000 pounds.

Depending on the slide size required and where you buy the unit, the 1000 Pro SE model sells for $1,000 to $1,150 (Compare BedSlide Prices). If you use your truck to haul, that price is reasonable for the utility and quality you'll get with the BedSlide.

Custom Models

  • Maximum length is 96"; minimum length is 36"
  • Maximum width is 48"; minimum width is 24"

Visit BedSlide's Website for more information.

Disclosure: Review materials were provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.

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BedSlide Slid Fully into Truck Bed

BedSlide Review
BedSlide in its most forward position. © Dale Wickell

This bin is full of heavy books, and would be more difficult to unload without the BedSlide. The options -- dragging the bin to one side or climbing in the bed to move it towards the tailgate. With the BedSlide, all it takes is an easy pull on the unit's handle to slide it away from the bed sides.

The larger bar, visible at the rear, is the handle and the bar between it and the slide is the lock release.

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BedSlide Parts Out of the Box

BedSlide 1000 Pro SE Review
Parts included with the BedSlide 1000 Pro SE. © Dale Wickell

A look at the BedSlide's header and side panels, right out of the box.