Absolute Beginner Basic English Greetings

Man smiling at his conversation partner
David Lees/Getty Images

This is a simple exercise to get students communicating with basic greetings. Notice in the second part of the activity that you can use this opportunity to recycle spelling, object, and job vocabulary.

Teacher: Hello, How are you? Hi, I'm fine. - Hi, How are you? Hello, I'm OK. - Hi, How are you? Hi, I'm well. (Model the question to the students. You can make gestures such as the thumbs up sign, etc. as well as strong facial gestures to help students understand the differences.)

Teacher: Susan, hi, how are you?

Student(s): Hi, I'm fine.

Teacher: Susan, ask Paolo a question.

Student(s): Hi Paolo, How are you?

Student(s): Hello, I'm well.

Continue this exercise around the class.

Part II: Goodbye

Teacher: Hello Ken, how are you? Hello, I'm fine. - What is this? That's a book - B - O - O - K. - What are you? I'm a teacher - T - E - A - C - H - E -R. - Goodbye. Goodbye. (Model this dialogue physically, you may want to model this exercise a few times as it will demand a number of skills from the students.)

Teacher: Hello Paolo, how are you?

Student(s): Hi, I'm fine.

Teacher: What is this?.

Student(s): That is a pencil - P - E - N - C - I - L.

Teacher: What are you?

Student(s): I'm a pilot - P - I - L - O - T.

Teacher: Goodbye, Paolo.

Student(s): Goodbye.

Continue this exercise around the room with each of the students. If a student makes a mistake, touch your ear to signal that the student should listen and then repeat his/her answer accenting what the student should have said.