Beginner Dialogue: A Busy Day

Friends running in urban park
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In this dialogue, you will practice speaking about daily routines, as well as what is happening around the present moment in time. Notice that the present simple is used to speak about daily routines, and the present continuous is used to speak about what is happening around the current moment in time. Practice the dialogue with your partner and then interview each other focusing on changing between a discussion of daily routines and what you are currently working on.

A Busy Day

(two friends speaking in a park when they meet each other jogging)

Barbara: Hi, Katherine, how are you today?
Katherine: I'm great and you?

Barbara: VERY busy! I'm jogging now, but later I have to do a lot!
Katherine: What do you have to do?

Barbara: Well, first of all, I have to do the shopping. We don't have anything to eat at home.
Katherine: ... and then?

Barbara: Little Johnny has a basketball game this afternoon. I'm driving him to the game.
Katherine: Oh, how is his team doing?

Barbara: They're doing very well. Next week, they're traveling to Toronto for a tournament.
Katherine: That's impressive.

Barbara: Well, Johnny likes playing basketball. I'm happy he's enjoying it. What are you doing today?
Katherine: I'm not doing much. I'm meeting some friends for lunch, but, other than that, I don't have much to do today.

Barbara: You're so lucky!
Katherine: No, you're the lucky one. I'd like to have so many things to do.

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