Beginner Dialogues - Asking for Directions

Young couple using tablet on holiday in the night
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Use polite questions when asking for directions. Answers will be given using the imperative form in order to list the directions such as: "take a left, go straight on, etc."

Asking for Directions I

  1. Excuse me. Is there a bank near here?
  2. Yes. There's a bank on the corner.
  1. Thank you.
  2. You're welcome.

Asking for Directions II

  1. Excuse me. Is there a supermarket near here?
  2. Yes. There's one near here.
  1. How do I get there?
  1. At the traffic lights, take the first left and go straight on. It's on the left.
  1. Is it far?
  2. Not really.
  1. Thank you.
  2. Don't mention it.

Key Vocabulary

Is there a _______ near here?
on the corner, on the left, on the right
straight on, straight ahead
traffic lights
Is it far?

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