Beginner Dialogues - Giving and Requesting Personal Information

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Use this role play to practice asking about personal information. Make sure you know how to ask questions with the verb "to be". Personal information includes information about a person's job, marital status, address, phone number, etc. these questions are important when providing information at banks, schools, stores, when taking surveys and more.

Practicing Dialogues With Personal Information

  • James: What's your surname (last name, family name)?
  • Fred: My surname (last name, family name) is Smith
  • James: What's your first name?
  • Fred: My first name is Fred.
  • James: Where are you from?
  • Fred: I'm from...[place]
  • James: What's your job? (or, What do you do for a living?)
  • Fred: I'm a.... [occupation]
  • James: What's your address?
  • Fred: My address is...[state address]
  • James: What is your telephone number?
  • P2Fred My number is...[state phone number]
  • James: How old are you?
  • Fred: I am...[state age]
  • James: Are you married or single?
  • Fred: I am married... single... engaged... divorced... separated
  • James: And what are your hobbies?
  • Fred: [List hobbies, for example, painting, going windsurfing and watching TV.]

Key Vocabulary

  • Surname, family name, first name
  • Numbers
  • Address
  • Telephone number.
  • Married, single, engaged, divorced, separated
  • Hobbies