Beginner Skier Tips

Skiing Tips for Beginners

Siblings holding hands and skiing
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When you're a beginning skier, it's important to get started skiing with appropriate gear and lessons, and to know the basics of navigating your way up and down a mountain.

These skiing tips for beginners will help you get started.

First Time Skier's Tips
Here are tips for a first time skier including where to ski, how to rent skis, and how to choose skiing lessons.

How to Ski Safely
Tips for safe skiing including choosing the right equipment, preparing for the weather, and staying safe on the slopes.

Get Lift Tickets
Before you go skiing, you will need a lift ticket. A lift ticket provides you with access to the mountain and to the ski lifts. Lift ticket prices vary. Discounted lift tickets are typically available for off-peak times - mid-week and early or late season. In addition, many resorts offer discounts for children, teens, and senior skiers.

Get Ski Lessons
Who provides skiing lessons, skiing ability levels, why professional instruction is important, and how to choose a ski lesson program.

Ski Beginner Trails
When you're just starting to ski, it's important to know the ski trail signs and choose the easiest trails down the mountain.

How to Use a Rope Tow
Rope tows are often used on beginner ski slopes. When you use a ski rope tow, you will be pulled up the slope by your arms while standing on your skis.

How to Get On and Off a Chairlift
Most ski resorts have chairlifts to transport skiers up the mountain and riding the chairlift is one of the first things you'll need to learn to do.

Here's what you need to know to get on, to ride, and to get off the chairlift.

How to Ride a Gondola
A gondola is an enclosed carriage (like a cable car). You will need to remove your skis to ride on the gondola.

How to Do the Gliding Wedge
The gliding wedge, or snow plow, is the starting point for any new skier.

It gives you good control and a solid platform for advancement. See our tips on how to get comfortable with the gliding wedge.

How to Snow Plow
The traditional learning stance for beginning skiers is called the snow plow position. You'll need to be able to snow plow to stop, so it's one of the first techniques you should learn.

How to Ski a Straight Run
If you're new to skiing, one of the first things to learn is how to do a straight run. The straight run requires a good skiing stance and forms the foundation of further development.

How to Turn
When you move up from the snow plow turn, you can learn to begin a more advanced way of turning your skis by pointing with your arm. Here's information on how to turn as you head down the ski slope.

Learn Athletic Stance for Skiing
Kid, woman or man, the ROCK that is your athletic stance is, without doubt, the one most important skiing skill you will ever develop. Here's how to learn it.

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