5 Behavior Management Resources for Teachers

Help increase your chances of a successful school year by implementing an effective behavior management program. Use these behavior management resources to help you establish and maintain effective classroom discipline in your classroom.

Behavior Management Tips

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As teachers, we often find ourselves in situations where our students are being uncooperative or disrespectful to others. To eliminate this behavior, it's important to address it before it becomes a problem. A great way to do this is by using a few simple behavior management strategies that will help promote appropriate behavior.

Here you will learn six classroom ideas to help motivate good behavior: start your day with a morning message, pick a stick to avoid hurt feelings, sway negative behavior with a traffic light, motivate students to keep quiet, and learn how to reward good behavior.

Turn-a-Card Behavior Management Plan


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A popular behavior management plan most elementary teachers use is called the "Turn-A-Card" system. This strategy is used to help monitor each child's behavior and encourage students to do their best. In addition to helping students display good behavior, this system allows students to take responsibility for their actions.

There are numerous variations of the "Turn-A-Card" method, the most popular being the "Traffic Light" behavior system. This strategy uses the three colors of the traffic light with each color representing a specific meaning. This method is usually used in preschool and primary grades. The following "Turn-A-Card" plan is similar to the traffic light method but can be used throughout all elementary grades.

Introducing Your Class Rules

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An important component of your behavior management program is stating your class rules. How you introduce these rules is equally important, this will set the tone for the rest of the school year. Introduce your class rules on the first day of school. These rules serve as a guideline for students to follow throughout the year.

The following article will give you a few tips on how to introduce your class rules, and why it's best to only have a few. Plus, you will get a sample generic list in addition to a specific list of class rules to use in your room.

Tips on Handling Difficult Students

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Teaching a lesson to your class can become quite a challenge when you have to deal with the constant disruption of a difficult student. It may seem like you have tried every behavior management tip known to man, along with trying to provide an organized routine to help the student manage their responsibilities. Inevitably, when everything you've tried fails, keep your head up and try again.

Effective teachers choose discipline techniques that will encourage positive behavior and motivate students to feel good about themselves and the decisions that they make. Use the following five tips to help you combat classroom disruptions, and deal with those difficult students.

Behavior Management and School Discipline

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Long before your students enter your classroom you should be thinking and designing your behavior management program. In order to have a successful school year, you must focus on how you will be able to maximize your students' learning with very few interruptions.

This article will teach you how to strategize, get inspired, and write your classroom rules. As well as organize your classroom for maximum learning, communicate your discipline program to your students' parents, and help you learn how to get the parental support you need.

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