Beige Color Meanings for Graphic Designers

Beige is described as a pale light brown color or a grayish tan with a bit of the warmth of brown and the crisp coolness of white. It is conservative and is frequently coupled with other colors. It is seen as dependable and relaxing. 

Beige Color Meanings

Beige has traditionally been seen as a conservative, background color. In modern times, it has come to symbolize work, because so many office computers are beige. In some cultures, beige garments symbolize piety or simplicity. Traditional Saudi Arabian dress includes a flowing floor-length outer cloak—a bisht—made of wool or camel hair in black, beige, brown or cream tones.

Various beige color names and hex values
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Using Beige in Design Files

Because most beige colors are very light, graphic artists tend to use them as background colors. A few beige shades are dark enough to use for text. Use the color beige to provide a calm, relaxing background. Small doses of beige can be added to separate two dark colors in a print project or website.

Beige can take on some of the attributes of yellow or pink when touched with those shades. Pair purple and pink with beige for a conservative feminine look. Beige paired with greens, browns, and oranges creates an earthy palette. Black lends a touch of strength and formality to beige. A touch of beige warms up a palette of cool blues without overpowering them, while beige with navy is a sophisticated combination.

Beige Color Selections

When you plan a full-color design project for print, use the CMYK formulations for the beige color you choose or specify a Pantone spot color. If your project will be viewed on a computer, use RGB values. Use Hex codes if you work with websites. Some beige colors have a yellowish or pinkish tint. Beige colors include:

  • Linen (web color): Hex #faf0e6 | RGB: 250,240,230 | CMYK 0,4,8,2
  • Antique White (web color): Hex #faebd7 | RGB 250,235,215 | CMYK 0,6,14,2
  • Champagne: Hex #f7e7ce | RGB 247,231,206 | CMYK 0,6,17,3
  • Cosmic Latte: Hex #fff8e7 | RGB 255,248,231 | CMYK 0 ,3,9,0
  • Bisque (web color): Hex #ffe4c4 | RGB 255,228,196 | CMYK 0,11,23,0
  • Cream: Hex #fffdd0 | RGB 255,253,208 | CMYK 0,1,18,0
  • Ecru: Hex #cdb891 | RGB 205,184,145 | CMYK 0,10,29,20
  • Khaki: Hex #c3b091 | RGB 195,176,145 | CMYK 0,10,26,24

Beige Pantone Spot Colors

When you use beige in a one- or two-color print design, choosing a Pantone spot color is a more economical choice than a CMYK mix. A spot color can also be used with a full-color print project when the color match is critically important. Here are the closest spot color matches to the beige spot colors mentioned in this article:

  • Linen: Pantone Solid Coated Warm Gray 1 C
  • Antique White: Pantone Solid Coated 7527 C
  • Champagne: Pantone Solid Coated 7506 C
  • Cosmic Latte: Pantone Solid Coated 7527 C
  • Bisque: Pantone Solid Coated 7506 C
  • Cream: Pantone Solid Coated 7499 C
  • Ecru: Pantone Solid Coated 7502 C
  • Khaki: Pantone Solid Uncoated 4525 U
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