Bellagio Poker Room Profile -- Bellagio Card Room Information

The Fountains of Bellagio, Las Vegas
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Bellagio Poker Room Overview:

The Bellagio is the crème de la crème of Vegas poker rooms, the place poker pros go to play. The quality of the dealers, floormen, and even the cocktails and chairs are all superb. The non-smoking room holds 30 tables and is open 24/7. All this opulence comes with a price, and the lowest limits you’ll find here are $4/8 limit and $2/5 no-limit Hold’em. There are plenty of higher limit games from $20/40 and a elevated area where the stakes go from $300/600 to much, much higher.

There is also a separated room, where the “Big Game” goes on.

Bellagio Poker Room Details:

The vast majority of tables at the Bellagio spread Texas Hold'em, both no-limit and limit tables. There is some seven-card stud and Omaha at higher limits ($20/40 being the lowest I saw for Omaha, for instance).

Getting Started at the Bellagio Poker Room:

There are two different areas to sign up, a high limit board and a lower limit board. The main desk at the front of the room is for signing up for $4/8 and $8/16 Limit Texas Hold’em, and $2/5 and $5/10 no-limit. If you want to play higher limits, ask where to go and they will point you to the right man for the job. If you are willing to play more than one limit or game, I recommend signing up for two lists, since some lists move faster than others, depending on the night.

The Bellagio's Poker Tournaments:

The Bellagio hosts World Poker Tour events, but these are held in another area of the casino.

However, the Bellagio does holds daily no-limit Hold'em poker tournaments, but the buy-in is steep: $500 Sunday through Thursday and $1000 on Friday and Saturdays. Each day these tournaments start at 2 pm, and there are satellites starting at 9 am each day for a cheaper way to get in.

The Bellagio:

Web site has more info on the poker going's on.

The Big Game at the Bellagio:

On any given night, in a glass-windowed room in the back, you can see superstars such as Daniel Negreanu, Jennifer Harman, Eli Elezra, David Benyamine, and many other High Stakes Poker regulars playing poker. The stakes of the game range, but are often $4000/8000 limit Hold'em. It's not a closed game, and if you have the cash (at least 100K or so) you can join them.

Overall Impressions & Review:

The Bellagio is and always has been my favorite place to play in Vegas. The mix of poker newbies, rounders, and ever-present poker pros makes for a great mix, and there's an excitement in the atmosphere that is energizing and fun. Plus, the mix of people from all over of all skill levels, combined with a dash of premium cocktails, ensures some of the most fun tables I've ever sat at, and I've sat and sat at Bellagio poker tables for 12 hour sessions without feeling bored or tired. Of course, that's not always the case, but I've never had a bad time there. The biggest negative is that it's such a popular room, there's often a long wait, and if you're not by the podium when your name is called, they move on and you'll have to wait all over again. That said, I've found the floor and dealers exemplary, and the waitresses don't leave you high and dry.

So if you only have one chance to play poker in Vegas and you have a bit of cash to gamble with, the Bellagio is the place to go. It's a great room is definitely the best place to go to feel like a high-roller.