Ben Corbett

A long-time music journalist and photographer, Ben Corbett's byline and images have appeared in venues as far flung as VH1 and High Times to Relix, Easyriders, Tattoo, and many others. Corbett is the author of the award-winning current affairs book, "This is Cuba: An Outlaw Culture Survives." More recently, he wrote the biographical sketch for the literary edition of "Gonzo," Hunter S. Thompson's visual biography.


With hundreds of interviews, artist profiles, album reviews, music essays, and live concert coverage to his credit, over the past 15 years Ben Corbett has amassed an enormous body of published music writing, largely focused on American roots music. A scholar and chronicler of American counterculture, Corbett has written extensively about the songs and legacy of Bob Dylan.

Ben Corbett

More than a mere musician, Bob Dylan is a process. Indeed, one could spend a lifetime studying this enigmatic creature of song, and a few have undertaken the task. But despite my own love of Dylan's music, I've never considered myself a Dylanologist. I'm not, for instance, the guy who can ring off every setlist from every concert for the past 20 years. But I do pay attention to Dylan, and I dissect and review all of his new music and occasional concerts for various publications. And I still discover new things about Dylan the musician, and icon, everyday. For over four decades, Dylan has been entertaining and provoking thought and lubricating the cultural wheels with song, and his timeless lyrics speak to both the individual and the entire village on various levels. And while I'm less concerned with minutiae than I am his larger role as tribal bard, I'm fascinated by all of it, and I invite everyone to join in this wide-ranging conversation about America's most celebrated songwriter.

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