Why Do a Science Fair Project?

A good science fair experiment offers experience with the scientific method.
A good science fair experiment offers experience with the scientific method and may win you prizes and scholarships. Jon Feingersh, Getty Images

Question: Why Do a Science Fair Project?

You may be doing a science fair project because it's an assignment. You may get the opportunity to do a project by choice. Either way, it may motivate you to know how doing a project can benefit you.


  • Discovering Something Amazing
    You'll learn something from doing a project, plus it's usually a lot of fun. You may find something new doing your own project, plus you'll learn from other people. Real research is done for science fairs, sometimes resulting in important inventions and discoveries. Even if your project isn't earth-shattering, you'll almost certainly learn something you didn't know before you started.
  • Developing Skills
    You'll become better at science, plus you'll gain or practice several other skills. You may become more familiar with the library, learn to use a camera or word processing program, master a mathematical analysis, get public speaking practice, etc. Some of these skills may be intimidating to learn. When you're working on a science fair project, it's easy to get help, plus no one expects perfection. The benefits of the project go way beyond learning science. You'll become more confident, more mature, more disciplined, and more skilled.
  • Cash & Prizes
    The science fair project you do for your science class may get you an 'A' and maybe a pretty ribbon, but if you can take that project to a higher level (such as a regional or state competition, in the U.S.), then success could be measured in terms of a cash prize, recognition, scholarship, educational opportunities, and offers of employment. You just need a great project. Even if you don't ​win, the experience is nice to put on your college application.​