Benefits of Having a Car in College

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There are seemingly a lot of benefits to having a car in college. After all, who wouldn’t want to have access to wheels whenever they choose? And while there are some important cons to consider, there are certainly several key pros as well.

You Can Leave Campus If and When You Need a Break

Whether it’s heading to a concert somewhere in town, going out to dinner with some friends, or even just being able to take someone on a date, having the ability to get away from campus whenever you wish is certainly a luxury.

You Can Help Friends Out

If your friends are moving, needing to transport something too big to fit on the bus, or just need a ride to the airport, having access to your own car allows you to help them if and when they ask. It can feel good to know you’re helping someone out in a pinch or even helping support a fun event for someone special, like a celebratory birthday night downtown.

You Don't Have to Worry About Transportation Around the Holidays

Getting home – even if it’s a day or two drive – can be done on your own terms. You won’t have to worry about expensive flights, delayed trains, long bus rides, or other transportation woes. You can more or less leave when you wish. Additionally, as the owner of the car, you can also coordinate something fun, like a road trip toward your hometown that lets you drop off friends in their hometowns along the way.

You Can Plan Road Trips

Speaking of road trips, you can provide transportation for some seriously memorable road trips over things like Presidents’ Weekend or Spring Break. Having access to and use of a car both ensures you’ll get to go and that you’ll have some say about the itinerary.

You Can Get an Internship or Job Off Campus

Without a car, of course, you can also work or have an internship off campus, but having your own transportation definitely makes the logistics easier. Having a car can therefore open some additional professional doors, whether it’s a part-time gig at a company you’d like to work for after you graduate or an internship at an interesting museum in town.

You Can Save Money by Shopping Around

True, having a car on campus might cost a bit extra, but you can also save money in other aspects of your college life. When you’re stuck on campus, you’re quite limited in terms of where you can buy items, like groceries or school-related supplies. With a car, however, you can make the long trip for items at discount clothing stores, cheaper food options (think: Costco or Walmart), and other less-expensive retailers. Sure, buying in the campus bookstore can be smart for several types of purchases, but overall you’re likely to find better deals elsewhere.

You Can Be More Flexible With Your Family Needs

If you often need to help out with a family business, help take care of an ill family member or provide childcare for your family, having a car can cut down on the time it takes for you to get back and forth. This simple time saver can therefore provide you with more time to focus on your studies instead of commuting back and forth.

Overall, the choice of having a car with your during your time in school depends heavily on the specific factors relevant to your situation. As with most things during college, however, it’s best to make an informed, educated decision about which choice seems the smart way to go.

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