Benjamin Almeda

Benjamin Almeda Sr. designed several food-processing machines

Meat grinder

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Known as the "Father of Filipino Inventors," Benjamin Almeda Sr. in 1954 founded the Almeda Cottage Industry (now named the Alameda Food Machineries Corporation) in Manila, Philippines, which manufactures his numerous basic food-processing inventions. Carlos Almeda, Almeda Sr.'s youngest son, now runs the business. His other son, Benjamin Almeda Jr., is also an inventor with patents granted and pending for his father's company.

Almeda's Industrial Inventions

Almeda Sr. invented the rice grinder, meat grinder, and coconut grater. Add to that the ice shaver, waffle cooker, barbecue cooker, hot dog griller and portable toaster. Almeda Sr. designed his inventions mainly for use by the fast-food industry and sandwich stands, thereby further improving the food industry in terms of processing food much quicker and easier.

Award-Winning Inventor

For his inventions and electronic gadget contributions to the food industry, Almeda Sr. won not only national and international recognition but also prestigious industry awards. He received the Panday Pay Award for Skilled Technician in 1977. A few years later, Almeda Sr. was awarded a gold medal from the World Intellectual Property Organization — one of the 17 specialized agencies of the United Nations created to "encourage creative activity" and "promote the protection of intellectual property throughout the world." 

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