Benjamin Harrison Fast Facts

Twenty-Third President of the United States

Benjamin Harrison, the twenty-third president of the United States.
Benjamin Harrison served as the twenty-third president of the United States. Library of Congress

Benjamin Harrison was the grandson of America's ninth president, William Henry Harrison. He was a Civil War hero, having ended the was as a brigadier general. He dealt with civil service reform and fighting against monopolies and trusts while he was president.

Following is a list of fast facts for Benjamin Harrison.


August 20, 1833


March 13, 1901

Term of Office:

March 4, 1889-March 3, 1893

Number of Terms Elected:

1 Term

First Lady:

Caroline Lavinia Scott - She died of tuberculosis while he was in office. Caroline was key in building the Daughters of the American Revolution. 

Benjamin Harrison Quote:

"Unlike many other people less happy, we give our devotion to a Government, to its Constitution, to its flag, and not to men."

Major Events While in Office:

  • Sherman Anti-Trust Act (1890)
  • Sherman Silver Purchase Act (1890)
  • Electricity Installed in White House (1891)

States Entering Union While in Office:

  • Montana (1889)
  • Washington (1889)
  • South Dakota (1889)
  • North Dakota (1889)
  • Wyoming (1890)
  • Idaho (1890)

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