Benoit Family Double Murder-Suicide

Nancy selling wrestling programs in the early '80s. Photo: Courtesy of Jim Daus

Background and the Latest Developments
On June 25, 2007, the bodies of former WCW and World Heavyweight Champion Chris Benoit, his wife Nancy Benoit, and their 7-year old son Daniel Benoit were found by police. According to police, Chris murdered his wife first, murdered his son the following day, and then killed himself the next day.

This horrific case has featured many twists and turns and has the media buzzing with multiple motives for this terrible tragedy.

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Latest Development

2-Year Anniversary Marks Lawsuit Deadline
June 24, 2009
Right before the 2-year deadline to file a civil lawsuit, the Toffolino family has sued Dr. Astin for wrongful death. The families of the deceased did not file any suit against the WWE.

Previous Developments

Dr. Astin Sentenced to 10 Years
May 13, 2009
Dr. Astin received a sentence of 10-years after several months after pleading guilty to a 175-count indictment against him.

Congressional Letter About Steroid Use in Wrestling
January 3, 2009
Congress looked into the world of wrestling following the tragic incident and their report contains testimony from Vince McMahon, Linda McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, and Dixie Carter.

The Police Investigation Concludes
February 16, 2008
The police have ended their investigation. Their report shows that Chris acted alone and gives details into what they think was the motive behind the murders.

It appears that there was real trouble in the relationship. Revelations that have come out in the report make it much harder for the family in their suit with the WWE blaming them for the actions of Chris. The family also recently lost their suit with Hustler magazine to stop them from publishing photos of Nancy.

Hustler to Publish Nude Photos of Nancy Benoit
December 31, 2007
The only reason I published this was to clear the name of Jim Daus, the man that many Internet sites were incorrectly stating was behind this reprehensible development.

Chris Benoit Had Severe Brain Damage
September 4, 2007
Brain tissue analysis found that Chris had a brain similar to that of an 85-year-old Alzheimer's patient. A symptom of that type of damage is dementia. This might give some explanation as to why Chris committed his horrible actions.

Congress Gets Involved
July 29, 2007
This tragedy and the subsequent news of all the wrestlers to die prematurely has gotten the attention of Congress.

The Funeral of Nancy and Daniel and the Toxicology Reports are Announced
July 17, 2007
The toxicology reports have been announced and the shocking news is that Daniel was sedated by Xanax prior to his death.

Several of Dr. Astin's Patients Revealed
July 12, 2007
In addition to treating the late Benoit family and Johnny Grunge, several other wrestling stars have also seen Dr. Astin.

Dr. Astin Linked to Another Wrestling Death, Larry King Live, and the Formation of a Foundation for Nancy and Daniel Benoit
July 10, 2007
Dr. Astin has been linked to the death of Johnny Grunge, the family of Nancy Benoit has set up a foundation for abused and battered women and children, and a huge episode of Larry King Live features the first interview of a current WWE wrestler about the tragedy.

My Conversation with Jim Daus
July 6, 2007
Jim was the first husband of Nancy Benoit. He wanted me to let everyone know what a fun and loving person she was.

Dr. Astin's Patients Revealed and Then Retracted
July 5, 2007 reported and then took down their report of who the patients were that Dr. Astin was arrested for treating improperly. Both of the names they reported were wrestlers and one of them is a top star for World Wrestling Entertainment.

Dr. Astin Arrested and Daniel's Health
July 2, 2007
It appears that everything we knew about the case was wrong. There are questions as to whether Daniel was suffering from Fragile X Syndrome and the amount of steroids that Chris allegedly received from his doctor make us wonder how Chris was able to pass his drug test in April.

Steroid Raids, Wikipedia Hoax, and Media Report Errors
July 1, 2007
In a rush to make this story even more scandalous, the major media networks forgot to do some fact checking and have made some major mistakes in their reporting.

This will clarify some of the issues that has wrestling fans shaking their heads in disbelief of the stupidity of the media and makes us wonder if they can't get this right, how bad must their reporting be on the important things like terrorism and the war.

Reports that Daniel had Fragile X and the Doctor of the Benoit Family Explains Why Steroids were Found in the House
June 28, 2007
For the first time in the story, a possible reason for the tragedy has come out. Speaking of coming out, the McMahon family went to the media to defend their company from steroid allegations. At least Vince didn't slap the papers out of Meredith's hands like he did on Real Sport's With Bryant Gumble a few years ago when he was asked about the deaths in wrestling.

The Benoit Family Found Dead
June 25 - June 27, 2007
During the first few days of the case, details kept trickling in that shocked and appalled everyone that heard them.