Berlitz Kids German Language Pack

German for Kids Ages 5-12

Berlitz Kids German

It is an unfortunate fact that very few elementary schools teach foreign languages, despite research indicating that children age 12 and younger are much more receptive language learners than older students. The Berlitz Kids Language Pack series is aimed at parents who know this, and want to offer their son or daughter the benefits of a second language.

The Berlitz Kids German Language Pack program targets children ages five and up. The Language Pack comes in a colorful cardboard briefcase package with handle that kids can carry around. The Berlitz Kids German package includes the following:

  • The Missing Cat/Die verschwundene Katze story book
  • Audio CD for the story book and songs
  • First 100 German Words picture dictionary
  • Help Your Child with a Foreign Language guide book
  • Berlitz Language "German Club" certificate

The Berlitz Kids German Language Pack materials teach the language in a natural, familiar way that is suited for young learners. In a reading and story-telling format, along with songs in German, kids are introduced to German vocabulary, grammar, and the sounds of the language (on CD). Berlitz has repackaged its 1998 Language Pack edition, dropping the former flashcards, and putting the audio on CD rather than cassettes.

The story book is in German with English in smaller print. The accompanying audio CD has excellent sound and includes eight sing-along songs that go with each chapter of the story book.

The story of Nicholas and Princess, his missing cat, is a typical illustrated children's tale that manages to introduce basic German vocabulary and grammar without seeming to "teach" them overtly. Berlitz offers two additional German story books ("The Five Crayons" and "A Visit to Grandma," also with audio CD) at extra cost, which is one of the few complaints I have about this $27.00 package. For that amount, it should include more than just one story book. Besides The Missing Cat, the only other printed material for the young student is a thin 26-page picture dictionary called the "First 100 Words."

But parents are offered some real help in guiding their young learner. Besides being able to learn and read along with their youngster, the included 210-page book Help Your Child with a Foreign Language by Opal Dunn helps parents do a better job of introducing a new language to their kids. The book is a comprehensive guide that includes pedagogical information, language activities and games, "Language Time" ideas, German phrases, mistakes to avoid, suggested teaching strategies, and other resources to help mom or dad enhance the child's learning experience.

It encourages parents to participate in their child's language learning by offering good ideas and practical strategies for young learners that they can use.

I have awarded the Berlitz Kids Language Pack German program four stars (out of five) because it offers a good introduction to German for kids, but it should include at least one more story book instead of offering it at extra cost. I found the German songs a bit irritating (all sung by the same artists), but most young kids will probably love them. Children and their parents will enjoy learning German with the Language Pack. It is also available for Italian, French, and Spanish.

Berlitz Kids German Language Pack
Story book/audio CD, picture dictionary, parent guide, certificate
Berlitz Publishing/Langenscheidt
$26.95 SRP

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