Bernard Surname Meaning and Origin

The Bernard surname derives from terms meaning strong or brave as a bear

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The common Bernard surname derives from the Germanic given name Bernhard or Beornheard, meaning "strong or brave as a bear," from the elements beran, meaning "bear" and hardu, meaning "brave, hardy, or strong." The Bernard surname has appeared with several dozen different spelling variations, originating in a number of different countries.

Bernard is the 2nd most common surname in France

  • Alternate surname spellings: Barnard, Bernart, Berndsen, Bernhard, Bernhardt, Bernaert, Benard, Bernat, Bernth
  • Surname origin: French, English, Dutch 

Where in the World Do People With This Surname Live?

According to surname distribution data from Forebears, Bernard is the 1,643rd most common surname in the world—most prevalent in France, and in countries with a French-speaking population or French histories such as Haiti, the Ivory Coast, Jamaica, Belgium, and Canada. WorldNames PublicProfiler also has the surname as most common in France, followed by Luxembourg and Canada (especially on Prince Edward Island).

Geopatronyme, which includes surname distribution maps for different periods of French history, has the Bernard surname as fairly common throughout France during the period 1891–1915, although slightly more common in Paris, and the departments of Nord and Finistère. The popularity in Nord has continued to increase, now topping the list by a large margin.

Famous People With This Last Name

  • Claude Bernard - French physiologist; pioneer in the introduction of blind experiments and the discovery of homeostasis
  • Catherine Bernard - French novelist
  • Émile Bernard - French painter
  • Émile Bernard - French composer
  • Tristan Bernard - French novelist and playwright

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