Watch the Skies: The Best Alien Invasion Horror Movies

'Invasion of the Body Snatchers' Tops the List

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These horror and suspense movies are out of this world. Or rather, they feature creatures from out of this world coming to Earth to take over. Or at least grab a quick bite to eat. It's debatable what constitutes a horror/suspense movie, but the "invasion" aspect means them visiting us, not vice versa -- thus, no "Alien." These are listed in descending order, with the top invasion movie at the end of the list.

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'Day of the Triffids' (1962)

Day of the Triffids alien movie
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More thrilling and serious-minded than the "killer alien plants" plot would imply, "Day of the Triffids" captures the terror and mayhem of an alien-induced apocalypse.

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'Extraterrestrial' (2014)

Extraterrestrial movie poster
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Taking the "cabin in the woods" setup into alien territory with the story of an accidental killing of an E.T. triggering an all-out assault from its cronies, this is escapist fun that embraces familiar horror tropes with a wink-and-nudge attitude with nicely designed set pieces, strong special effects and a cute button in the final moments that references another well-known alien property.

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'The Hidden' (1987)

The Hidden alien movie
© New Line

Sly humor propels this little gem about an extraterrestrial criminal that takes over human bodies and goes on an often-deadly joy ride through Los Angeles, experiencing fun fish-out-of-water encounters.

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'Dark Skies' (2013)

Dark Skies alien movie
© Dimension

Producer Jason Blum lends the spooky haunted house touch he honed in "Paranormal Activity," "Insidious" and "​Sinister" to the story of a suburban mother who suspects her child is targeted for alien abduction, which ends up playing like "Insidious" meets ​"Signs."

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'Critters' (1986)

Critters alien movie
© New Line

Fast-paced, fun creature feature about spiny "Gremlins"-inspired alien fugitives landing near a Midwestern farm and eating everything in sight.

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'Slither' (2006)

Slither alien movie
© Universal

This funny, energetic entry is basically ​"Night of the Creeps" redux, as space slugs invade people's bodies, turning them into brainless zombie-like slaves.

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'They Live' (1988)

They Live alien movie
© Universal

Subversive and darkly humorous, this cult film from John Carpenter portrays a word in which skeletal aliens have integrated themselves into society by impersonating humans, and only specially designed sunglasses can reveal who's who (or what).

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'Night of the Creeps' (1986)

Night of the Creeps
© Tri Star

Alien slugs invade dead humans' brains, creating an army of zombies that put a cramp in a local sorority's plans for a big formal dance. Classic '80s horror-comedy goodness.

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'The Blob' (1958, 1988)

The Blob alien movie
© Tri Star

B-movie madness strikes as alien goo in a meteor that lands on Earth begin growing to an enormous size with every person it absorbs. The superior remake takes the action to grisly new levels.

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'Attack the Block' (2011)

Attack the Block alien movie
© Sony

If "Super 8" is "The Goonies vs. Aliens," then "Attack the Block" is "The Bad News Bears vs. Aliens," as a group of juvenile delinquents fends off aliens raining from the skies in meteorites. It's a fast-paced blast of cinematic joy that's funny, exciting and scary with a strong cast, intense action sequences, and well-designed creatures.

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'Predator' Franchise (1987-2010)

Predator movie poster
© 20th Century Fox

In the "Predator" franchise, aliens invade Earth not to take over but rather as a hunting trip to bag some human skulls. The original "Predator" is a classic, and the silly but under-appreciated sequels (minus the awful "Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem") make for a rousing action-horror hybrid franchise.

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'Cloverfield' (2008)

Cloverfield alien movie
© Paramount

One of the most immersive experiences you'll have to watch a movie (granted you watch it on a big enough screen) and as close to a true first-person viewing experience as is possible, "Cloverfield" combines the intimacy of found footage with the larger-than-life spectacle of a blockbuster. It reminds us what "movie magic" truly means by taking such a ludicrous, campy concept -- a giant alien monster attacking Manhattan -- and making it jarringly real.

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'The Thing From Another World' (1951)/'The Thing' (1982)

The Thing
© Universal

The tense early '50s chiller about a frozen alien wreaking havoc in an Arctic station after being thawed was given an added gory dimension by John Carpenter in 1982 with an adaptation more faithful to the original book, which featured the alien assuming the look and personality of anyone it consumes.

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'Invasion of the Body Snatchers' (1956, 1978)/'Body Snatchers' (1993)

Invasion of the Body Snatchers alien movie
© Allied Artists

The original paranoid Cold War-era thriller about aliens replicating themselves as humans still resonates more than a half a century later, as indicated by the myriad of remakes -- two of which (the well-received 1978 version and the underrated 1993 version) do a great job at replicating the eerie apocalyptic tone.