The Best and Worst Nature Survival Movies

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A Man Tries to Survive in the Forest..

In my quest to make the top films for every niche action film genre, I was doing outdoor films, and had already completed mountain climbing survival movies, and then moved onto "man survives outdoors" movies when I realized they were very few of these films.  In fact, I could only find three!

They are...

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The Revenant

The Best!

The Revenant is not perfect, it's overlong in parts, and almost over serious in parts, but it's still one of the better movies from 2015 and one of the great stories of nature survival.  The bear attack scene (I still can't figure out how they could have filmed that - it doesn't look digitally rendered at all!) is worth watching it alone.

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 The Best!

This is one of my all time favorite films, and it's a brutal viewing.  If you haven't seen this film before, you're in for a treat!  That first time watching is a doozy.  It's one of the few films where you'll feel extreme unsettling anxiety as you watch...and that's probably because the film opens fairly early on with one of the middle aged men, that are all traveling down the river together in canoes, getting raped by hillbillies who are stalking them and trying to kill them.  (Not sure what's going on in the poster, is that one person attempting to aim at the canoeing men and another trying to push the shotgun away?)

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The Edge (1997)

The Worst!

This was a hard call for me, because there's a lot to like about this movie about a billionaire and his pilot crashing their plane in the wilderness and having to survive.  The billionaire is old and the pilot is young and handsome, the pilot is also having an affair with the billionaire's pretty, much younger model wife - just to complicate the dynamic in a survival situation a bit! The billionaire knows what they have to do to survive, and, most importantly, is willing to do it.  The conversations between the two characters, the mix of admiration and jealously and contempt that the pilot has for his employer, that's fascinating to watch.  The survival stuff, and especially fending off the bear - honestly, after the Revenant - it just doesn't seem that intense.  They had to walk in the wildernesses, it was cold, and they briefly had to poke a bear to get it to leave them lone, and that's the film.  I'm thinking an edgy filmmaker today would have made the film much more intense,