14 Anime LEGO Sets that Need to be Made

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Studio Ghibli's My Neighbor Totoro Cat Bus LEGO Set

My Neighbor Totoro Cat Bus Custom Anime LEGO Set
My Neighbor Totoro Cat Bus LEGO Set. LEGO

From Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to Marvel's Avengers, the number of established franchises represented in the ever-growing line of LEGO sets seems to increase every year. Despite all of the new LEGO sets getting announced recently though, there are still many characters that have yet to be transformed into the popular toy bricks; characters from Japanese animated TV shows and movies!

Thankfully the people behind LEGO are open to accepting ideas for new sets from the public and have launched a special website called, LEGO Ideas where fans can propose set ideas, post images of what the set could potentially look like and vote on what sets they want to see made.

As a rule, proposed ideas must reach 10,000 votes from the public before they are seriously considered. There are some amazing ideas for anime-inspired LEGO sets post by users on the site and here are 14 of the coolest that everyone needs to go and vote on ASAP. Which one's your favorite?

The first one that really needs to be considered is this brilliant LEGO Cat Bus from the Studio Ghibli movie, My Neighbor Totoro. It even has Mei and her sister!

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Doraemon LEGO Set

Doraemon Custom Anime LEGO Set
Doraemon LEGO Set.

A fan of this classic anime character that's been making a come-back recently? Doraemon and Nobita would look great as a LEGO set!

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Studio Ghibli's Howl's Moving Castle LEGO Set

Howl's Moving Castle Custom Anime LEGO Set
How's Moving Castle LEGO Set.

If there was ever a Studio Ghibli movie made for inspiring a LEGO set it would be Howl's Moving Castle whose castle fits the brick style perfectly.

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Madoka Magica LEGO Set

Madoka Magica Custom Anime LEGO Set
Madoka Magica LEGO Set.

A rather unique idea for an anime-inspired LEGO set is Madoka's house from the Madoka Magica anime series and movies. Vote for it here.


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Naruto LEGO Set

Naruto Custom Anime LEGO Set
Naruto LEGO Set.

Given how popular the Naruto anime has become, it's hard to believe there isn't already a LEGO set based on the hit ninja and his friends. This Naruto LEGO set proposal looks amazing.

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Studio Ghibli's Spirited Away LEGO Set

Spirited Away Custom Anime LEGO Set
Spirited Away LEGO Set.

Yubaba's bath house from Studio Ghibli's Spirited Away is a truly memorable anime location and one that needs to be immortalized in LEGO brick form.

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Studio Ghibli's Laputa Castle in the Sky LEGO Set

Laputa Castle in the Sky Custom Anime LEGO Set
Laputa Castle in the Sky LEGO Set.

Who wouldn't want a LEGO version of the robot from Studio Ghibli's Laputa: Castle in the Sky. We need this now!


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Voltron LEGO Set

Voltron Custom Anime LEGO Set
Voltron LEGO Set.

LEGO is from the 80s. Voltron is from the 80s. A LEGO Voltron set is long overdue.

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One Piece LEGO Set

One Piece Custom Anime LEGO Set
One Piece LEGO Set.

Like the Naruto anime series, One Piece is just as popular and would be super successful as a LEGO set.

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Studio Ghibli's My Neighbor Totoro LEGO Set

My Neighbor Totoro Custom Anime LEGO Set
My Neighbor Totoro LEGO Set.

Another great idea for a LEGO set based on Studio Ghibli's My Neighbor Totoro.

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Yatterman LEGO Set

Yatterman Custom Anime LEGO Set
Yatterman LEGO Set.

Not known as much outside Japan but super popular with locals, this proposed Yatterman LEGO set would make a mint domestically.

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Saint Seiya LEGO Set

Saint Seiya Custom Anime LEGO Set
Saint Seiya LEGO Set.

The Saint Seiya anime franchise has a very passionate fan base but would they buy this impressive Saint Seiya LEGO set? Vote here!

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Ulysses 31 LEGO Set

Ulysses 31 Custom Anime LEGO Set
Ulysses 31 LEGO Set.

Like Voltron, Ulysses 31 is another old school anime series that needs some more attention and could sell well as a LEGO set if marketed towards the older fan.


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Cowboy Bebop LEGO Set

Cowboy Bebop Custom Anime LEGO Set
Cowboy Bebop LEGO Set.

LEGO collectors love vehicles and Cowboy Bebop has a mad collection of futuristic ships to choose from. Make it happen, LEGO!

Which anime LEGO set was your favorite? Why not pin the ones you like the most to your anime or geek Pinterest boards and see what your followers and friends think!

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