The 8 Best Baseball Gloves to Buy in 2018

Find the perfect mitt when you're heading out on the diamond

Rawlings Playmaker Series Glove,Black
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Whether you are heading outside for a game of pick-up baseball or a full-fledged competitive series, you are going to need a glove that protects your hands and offers a natural feel for a secure and stable catch. The basket of the glove can differ in depth and pattern depending on what position you are playing, while the material can alter the break-in period as well. Choosing the right glove for you isn’t hard, it’s just a matter of knowing what you are looking for. We’ve got the best baseball gloves for any position or player level.

Best Overall: Rawlings Playmaker Series Glove

The Rawlings Playmaker Series Glove is a broken in, cushioned glove that is best used by adult players who head out on the field often and have the skills to match. In high impact areas, like the palm and index finger, you’ll find extra padding to keep your hands safe. There is also a velcro strap to tighten the glove to smaller hands, as well as a deep pocket for catching made from full leather that comes already worn in. The black glove with yellow stitching is available for both the right and left hand. The size is 12.5 inches.

Runner-Up, Best Overall: DeMarini Diablo Baseball and Slow Pitch Glove

With a comfortable fit right out of the box, the DeMarini Diable Baseball Glove is a black leather baseball and slow pitch glove for the intermediate to advanced player. It has a shock absorbing cushion on the palm, as well as a breathable lining along the wrist and back fingers, so your hands stay ready, not sweaty. The webbing is a closed crossbar pattern. Glove fits on the left hand for a right-handed throw. The size is 14 inches.

Best for All Positions: Wilson A360 Baseball Glove

The Wilson A360 Baseball Glove is an ideal glove for recreational play in whatever position you are working on. It is easy to break in and is slightly flexible, but still protective enough when catching a fast throw. It has a closed, V-lace web pattern and a wrist strap for a tight fit. The glove is sized for adults, though will fit larger youth hands as well. The black glove is available for both a right- and left-handed throw. Sizes available include 11 inches, 12 inches and 12.5 inches.

Best for First Base: Rawlings Player Preferred First Base Mitt

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Rawlings is known for their durable mitts that offer good control with the ball. And the Rawlings Preferred First Base Mitt offers up just that to any player. It’s made from a full-grain leather that is soft and flexible, but still is able to hold its shape game after game. The glove has a minimal break-in period and uses durable leather lacing with a single-post double bar web pattern. The brown glove is available for both a right- and left-handed throw in a 13-inch size. Other sizes and models are also available, such as a 12.5 inch outfielder model with a closed crossbar web pattern.

Best for Beginners: Franklin Sports Field Master Series Fast-Pitch Glove

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At a lower price point, the Franklin Sports Field Master Series Fast-Pitch Baseball Glove is ideal for those looking to play catch in the yard or are just getting started on the field. It’s made from a synthetic leather, so the break-in period is a bit more than other pricier gloves. It has a customizable thumb adjustment for optimal feel and control when catching. The basket is a closed crossbar web pattern. The tan glove is available for both a right- and left-handed throw. Sizes available include 11 inches, 12 inches, 12.5 inches, 13 inches and 14 inches.

Best for Softball: Franklin Sports Fast Pitch Lightweight Series Softball Glove

The Franklin Sports Fast Pitch Lightweight Series Softball Glove is a 12-inch gloves that is ideal for adults or youth with larger hands. It has a hand-formed pocket with slight cushioning for those hard catches and a mesh designed shell for breathability and to save on weight. The lacing is made from rawhide and the glove comes with an adjustable wrist strap. The glove is available for both a right- and left-handed throw in black and lime green, as well as black and bright pink.

Best for Lefties: Easton Alpha Series Baseball Glove

For a glove that will last years, opt for the Easton Alpha Series Baseball Glove. The glove is for a left-handed throw and is sized at 11.75 inches. It takes just a day or two of catch to break this steer-hide leather glove in, but with the palm padding and a snug first-finger pocket, catching will be second nature. The webbing is a welted T web with an open back.

Best Youth Glove: Rawlings Players Youth Glove Series

Get your players started young with the Rawlings Players Youth Glove Series. The flexible glove is perfect for smaller hands because it is easier to close, but still provides enough structure for a fast catch. There is a deep pocket with a closed basket webbing. A velcro strap near the wrist helps to keep the mitt tight, while a wide opening above the wrist allows for extra range of motion. The glove is available for a left- or right-handed throw. Sizes available include 9 or 11 inches. Colors include black and blue, black and pink, as well as black and red.