7 Best Characters Created for Batman: The Animated Series

A group of animated Batman characters.

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 Debuting in 1992, Bruce Timm and Paul Dini's Batman: The Animated Series changed Batman history significantly. A number of characters were altered in the comic books to adapt to how they were depicted in the cartoon series. However, possibly even more important were the characters who made their debut in the cartoon series, many of whom went on to appear in the Batman comic books. Here, then, are the six best characters that were created for Batman: The Animated Series

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The Sewer King

The Sewer King, from Batman, with alligators on leashes.
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You could make a very good argument that this list should just be six characters long and that the Sewer King doesn't belong on any list involving the word "best." However, he actually made the transition from the cartoon to the comics, which is more than some of the characters ahead of him on the list could say, so he deserves a mention. Created by Tom Ruegger, the Sewer King is sort of a mixture between Captain Hook from Peter Pan and Fagin from Oliver Twist

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Baby Doll

Batman holding Baby Doll by the shirt.
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Baby Doll was a woman who was stuck in the body of a young girl. She became a sitcom star as "Baby Doll," so when her career went down the tubes after her sitcom was canceled, she sort of embraced that personality as she went nuts, trying to kill her former co-star. She eventually entered into a relationship with Killer Croc, but it did not go well. 

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Red Claw

Red Claw standing in a hallway.
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Red Claw was hurt a bit by the fact that she appears to be almost a stand-in for characters like Talia Al Ghul. The Red Claw is an international terrorist who tangled with Batman and Catwoman. She was an expert martial artist. She was voiced by Kate Mulgrew, from Star Trek Voyager

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Phantasm standing in a cloud of smoke next to tree.
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The Phantasm was created by Alan Burnett and Bruce Timm for the Batman Animated Series feature film, The Mask of the Phantasm. Batman's childhood friend, Andrea Beaumont, re-enters Bruce's life and the two fall for each other, but they're torn apart when Bruce realizes that she has taken over her father's life's work as the Phantasm. The Phantasm was awesome, so you'd think it would be higher on the list. However, because she's basically an adaptation of the Reaper storyline from Batman: Year Two, she gets docked a few points. Amusingly enough, the toy for the Phantasm revealed Andrea's secret before the film was released!

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Lock-up pointing at batman from back of a truck.
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Lock-Up was an interesting villain, as he was an example of the darker side of vigilantism, as he was a former Arkham Asylum guard who was driven insane by all of the escapes from Arkham. He vowed to keep them all locked up. He was adapted into the comic books, where he had his own sort of private prison for supervillains. 

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Renee Montoya

Renee Montoya looking at prisoners in a jail cell.
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Renee Montoya is an interesting case as she was a character in the Batman comic books before Batman: The Animated Series even debuted. However, she was invented for the cartoon and was just given to the comic books to use for synergy. However, in the comic books, she became much more developed than her cartoon counterpart. Writer Greg Rucka, in particular, took a liking to her and wrote many stories featuring Montoya over the years, including an award-winning storyline where she deals with being outed by Two-Face, who thinks he is in love with her. Eventually, Montoya became the superhero known as The Question. After the New 52, however, she went back to being a "normal" cop and was no longer a superhero. Just like how she was on the cartoon series and in the comics for many years, she was introduced as a new character when she showed up as Harvey Bullock's new partner. 

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Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn looking shocked and disgusted.
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There's not much that we need to tell you about Harley Quinn, is there? Joker's sidekick and sort of girlfriend was by far the break-out character of Batman: The Animated Series, as Paul Dini and Bruce Timm even did an award-winning graphic novel detailing her origins, Mad Love. Interestingly enough, that storyline was then adapted into an episode of the series. She has joined the comic book world and become one of DC Comics' most popular characters. Harley Quinn was one of the stars in the movie, Suicide Squad. She has the top spot on this list locked up for good. 


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