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Your guide to the most thought-provoking conservative blogs on the Internet.

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Michelle Malkin

Although the headlines at may seem a little extreme at first glance sometimes, the stories usually back them up with well-researched acts delivered in a humorous and in-your-face tone. Never one to back down from a controversy, Malkin will analyze a story from a varity of different angles and take on critics with a ferocious intensity. She has an amazing ability to cut right to the heart of an issue and do away with moral ambiguities. Hers is one of the more important young voices in the modern conservative movement, which makes her site, by extension one of the movement's more important ones as well.

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Hot Air

One of Michelle Malkin's most notable contributions to the conservative movement (besides her own website and frequent television and radio commentary) has been the ever-successful, featuring commentary from editors Allahpundit and Ed Morrissey. The site was unveiled in 2006 and its list of contributors has grown considerably. In February 2010, it became part of the blog community network.

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Hugh Hewitt

He's a professor, a lawyer and a natinoally syndicated radio show host. Hugh Hewitt's blog is one of the most popular conservative blogs on the Intenet. Although Hewitt's service to the Reagan Administration and his high-level roles in other White Houses qualify him amply as a leading expert and conservative commentator, his direct writing style and frequent updates make his blog a must-read for any political conservative.

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Andrew Breitbart at Big Hollywood

A self-described Reagan Republican and Libertarian sympathizer, Andrew Breitbart is one of the more well-known conservative bloggers, with blogs at Big Hollywood and His blogs often make news as much as they comment on it. Who can forget his famous $100,000 rewards for footage of racial epithets being hurled at Black lawmakers during the health care debate on Capitol Hill, or his release of the controversial Shirley Sherrod video, which resulted in the reactionary firing of the former rural development director for the U.S. Department of Agriculture by the Obama administration? To omit his blog from ​any list of the top conservative blogs would be pure folly.​

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IMAO (which stands for In My Arrogant Opinion) is a blog unlike any other. Consider it's tag line: "Unfair. Unbalanced. Unmedicated." The main author of the site is Frank J., who says he started the "humorous blog" in 2002. It is updated several times a day, and although Frank J. is the site's main draw, other conservative bloggers offer interesting takes on a variety of topics. is a great place to go if you're a conservative with a funny bone.

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Pajamas Media

Not so much a single personality as it is a collection of excellent conservative opinions, began in 2005 and features a steady stream of original content and intellectual political discourse every day. If you're looking for rational discussion of the most topical events of the day from a conservative perspective, this site has it

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Taki's Magazine

Although the founder of, Taki Theodoracopulos calls his site a "Liberatarian webzine," the site's impressive collection of bloggers includes a who's who of intellectual and high-profile conservatives like Paul Gottfried, who coined the term "paleoconservative" and Patrick J. Buchanan, a Republican adviser to presidents Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan. It is a an excellent resource for political junkies well steeped in the tenets of all types of political conservatism.

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