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Want to Giggle Like a Giganotosaurus? Check Out These Dinosaur Memes.

Dinosaurs have been extinct for tens of millions of years, which makes them a perfect subject for the internet's preferred form of humor, satire, and sarcasm--memes. Here, for your entertainment, are the 20 funniest dinosaur-themed memes, culled from all corners of the World Wide Web.

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"If You're Happy and You Know It..."


Folks in the meme-making community love making fun of T. Rex's arms; see also the opening slide and slide #21. But while this dinosaur's arms may have been small compared to the rest of its body, they were still capable of bench-pressing 400 pounds!

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"If Oil Is Made From Decomposed Dinosaurs..."


This meme is clever, and you may still see it popping up on your friend's Facebook walls. But it's based on misinformation: oil isn't made from decomposed dinosaurs, but from bacteria that predated dinosaurs by hundreds of millions of years.

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"I'm So Sorry, Rex..."


How do fundamentalist Christians account for the lack of dinosaurs on Noah's Ark? Some insist that Noah stashed unhatched eggs in the hold, while others say dinosaur fossils are a lie planted by Satan. This meme provides as good an explanation as any.

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"Herbivore, Carnivore, Omnivore..."


Some dinosaurs were meat-eaters, some were plant-eaters, and a select few were omnivores, which ate pretty much anything they could get their hands on (including other dinosaurs). This meme provides one possible explanation for why certain dinosaurs were so goshdarned big.

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"Why Are You Waving?"


When you want to demonstrate how big a dinosaur is, it's standard practice to pose it next to a standing (and sometimes waving) human.

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Jurassic Park would have you believe that Velociraptors were smart enough to turn doorknobs and outwit a pair of annoying human children. But the fact is that this turkey-sized raptor was no Philosoraptor.

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"Jurassic Pat"


There's not much to say about this mashup of Jurassic Park and The Spongebob Squarepants Movie...just be glad we didn't show you a similar meme in which the insipid cast of Twilight is menaced by a pack of Velociraptors in the corner of the frame.

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"It Took Me a While to Realize..."


I write about dinosaurs for a living, and it took me a while, too, to realize that these were actually coatimundis and not tiny Brontosauruses. Hands down, the best entry in the "posing your pet to look like a dinosaur" meme category.

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There are at least a dozen "Mileysaurus" memes floating around on the web, and this is the best of them (and better than any picture of Michaelceratops, another popular subject). By the way, you may be amused to learn that there are at least ten actual dinosaurs named after women rather than men.

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"So You Cloned a Sheep?"


Remember a few years back, when Dolly, a cloned sheep, made headlines around the world? There's no chance of us ever cloning a dinosaur, but this meme harbors a hint of truth: in the coming decades, we may be introduced to the world's first cloned Woolly Mammoth.

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"The True Reason the Dinosaurs Became Extinct"


It seems like half of all dinosaur memes capture family pets tearing into a Triceratops figurine: "So that's how they went extinct!" This meme takes the prize for casting a hedgehog as the antagonist, even though these bizarre mammals didn't exist during the Mesozoic Era.

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"How Stonehenge Was Really Built"


There's a whole community of pseudoscientists who insist that primitive humans, working alone, could not possibly have built giant monuments like Stonehenge without help from advanced space aliens. This clever meme provides an alternate (and more believable) alternative.

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"Go, Diego, Go!"

To understand this meme, you have to be familiar with both the Ice Age movies and the Nickelodeon TV show Go, Diego, Go. Still puzzled? On to the next slide!

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"Remember When Shark Week Was Educational?"


With its fake Megalodon documentaries, the Discovery Channel has warped the minds of an entire generation of impressionable schoolchildren, who are convinced that this giant shark still roams the world's oceans. With apologies to Family Guy, this meme sets the record straight.

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There's no particular explanation for why this meme is funny, it just is--and you have to admit that a Stegosaurus, in profile, looks a bit like a taco. (And no, this dinosaur's plates weren't made of pounded corn.)

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"Mistakes Were Made"


Usually, in the course of evolution, tiny ancestors tend to give rise to gigantic descendants (for example, the very first whales were the size of small dogs). That's not how things worked out with dinosaurs and birds, as this amusing meme makes clear.

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"Steven Spielberg Killed Barney!"


There are people who believe (really) that Steven Spielberg deliberately harmed a living, breathing Triceratops in the course of filming the original Jurassic Park. Rather than showing you that long-in-the-tooth meme, here's the world's most famous director posed in front of Barney.

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"Human, Please Get Off the Dinosaur Display!"


Have you ever considered what Jurassic Park would be like from the Velociraptors' perspective? After reading this hilarious meme, you'll feel sorry for the world's most misunderstood dinosaur.

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"Why Can't You Hear a Pterodactyl Going to the Bathroom?"


This isn't really a meme so much as an illustrated joke, but it's still funny.

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"Whenever You're Sad..."


And now, fittingly, we come full circle, with yet another meme making fun of poor T. Rex's tiny arms. Hope you enjoyed the show--and feel free to forward more funny memes to the writer of this website!

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